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Quick attach 3 point hitch

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GreginAlaska, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. GreginAlaska

    GreginAlaska Banned
    Messages: 829

    Hi, have any of you ever used or owned the Freedom Hitch, Delta Hook or Triangle quick hitches for 3 point hitch and implements? How did you like them? Did they work as advertised? They sure look like a good idea, but they are a bit on the expensive side for me to buy without some sort of owner/user feedback.
  2. DaddyRabbit

    DaddyRabbit LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 937

    I use the Jiffy Hitch, it is the best on the market as far as I am concerned. I have females on all of my impliments w/the exception of my post hole digger and couldn't imagine having to hook a 3 point up the hard way again. Look emm up on the web, I believe they are based in Fla but I am sure they have a distributor near you or email me at Lawn_pro@hotmail.com and I will fill you in.
  3. GreginAlaska

    GreginAlaska Banned
    Messages: 829

    I checked out their website and gave them a call. They are going to send me a video. The person I talked to was very helpfull and it looks like they have a wider product range then the others. They also have something I never heard of before...the man told me about a manual hydraulic top link. It has a reservoir that you open a valve to and, with the implement sitting on the ground, just lift or drop the 3 point until the link is at the length you want. You then close the valve and you can lift the implement. That sounds pretty good if you don't want to put in valves and hoses.

    Thanks for the info!
  4. DaddyRabbit

    DaddyRabbit LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 937

    Also I almost forgot to give you some info you will need. I have an Kubota L-4610 w/the quick attach lower link arms from the factory, this lengthens the distance that the top hydraulic top link must be. If in fact you have this type of set-up tell them this so that you may get the 8'' valve, (I think this length is correct). They have 2 different lengths to choose from and if it were me I'd go w/the longer style as it seems to be a lot heavier duty. You will love this set-up as I first saw it at a farm show and was very impressed w/it. I hated hooking up 3 point implements in the mud w/a passion but now all I do is back up and lift up my 3 point lift and away I go. You can also save a little $ by going w/the lightweight female attachments on such implements as your landscape rake, spreader, tiller and others depending on the make and size. Good luck.
  5. Cheese burger

    Cheese burger LawnSite Member
    Messages: 33

    I have the delta hook system on my 4310 kubota. originaly bought it for my b21 kubota, but tractor did not have enough lift travel to make it work right. It works great, very tough, a real time saver. Would highly recomend.


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