Quick Books and running a legal company!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BBC.lawn.services, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Well this is my first year to do it "for real".

    Buying equipment right now and gearing up for the season.

    I've never done taxes/book keeping etc. before and would like some advice etc.

    Well first off. At 15, I probably can't legally own a business? (or maybe I just can't legally work for one :p) So it probably will have to go through my dad like my checking account etc.

    Will I even be able to pay my employe(s) through the "system" if they aren't over 16? I will probably have one part time helper who is over that age but my little brother is not.

    I've looked at Quick Books with payroll for managing the books etc. Can I pay the taxes necessary directly from that using the e-pay feature? Taxes still confuse me. I guess when ever I register and get a DBA than the Government will send me the correct forums etc. automatically?

    well that's all for now... lol
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    BBC - at your age, I wouldn't even bother with Quickbooks. Too complicated. I got by for four years b/f I bought it.

    Make up a simple Excel spreadsheet - one page for your sales, and another page for your categorized expenses. Perhaps track your pickup mileage with another sheet. At the end of the season you have everything you need right there.

    As for employees, strongly suggest checking into the rules for employing someone when you are a minor. And think about just cashing out your helper instead of getting into the nasty web of employment taxes, workers comp, etc. Might not be for your situation but something to think about.
  3. BBC.lawn.services

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    Okay, that's what I have right now. Just wanted to make sure I didn't get any surprises at tax time and not have what I need etc.

    Excel is a great program. So far it has worked great for tracking stuff. Quickbook looks like a monster of a program. Your right. probably not what I need right now!

    I got 400 custom order checks in the mail today. Will just use those for paying my workers. Ya... child labor laws aren't very considerate to people who would like to work "legally" when they are younger... I definitely see why they're instated thou. Turn of the century was a disaster for the wage workers. (and thus their children) Benefits out way the cost by a ton.

    Hmm... that's what we have done in the past. Just set an hourly wage and pay the employe. No going through the government. I would like to set-up my business with the state and pay those taxes that come with that. My business is quite small. Really could be run by a myself but having an extra guys is nice and it gives him the chance to earn some nice spending money in the summer.

    Thanks for the advice man! Very much appreciated. Business side of all this is a little trickier than the work!
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    I think your best bet is to get some advice from a professional in your state. IE. Accountant and business attorney. Also check into SCORE.org in your area. No offense to DA, but just because you are a minor does not mean you can't run/ own a business.

  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I agree but I just think for this young fellow, keep things legal yet very simple. There are plenty of years ahead to get entangled in taxes, etc.

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