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I'm trying to start 12 month contracts but how does this work with your monthly billing witth quickbooks? I want to keep track of each time I provide a service but the bill would stay the same per month whether you once or 4 times. How is the best way to bill?



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I use a three ring binder with a sheet for each client in alphabetical order. The sheet is divided into two columns with each having a column for the date, descripton of work performed and amount charged. Each column has 27 lines. I can fit a years work on one sheet for most accounts. If you make entrys as you do the work you only have to copy to your Quickbooks invoice at the end of the month to bill. You could make all your entrys to track your time and leave a blank space between months with your monthly fee in the amount column to divide months. Tom


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Use route sheets to keep track of your time and work accomplished as stated on previous post. Another option to bill the customer is to use statement charges in the customer register window. Statements will show all payment activity as well and can be memorized and will automatically re-enter each month on the date you would like your bills to print.:)

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