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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lynden-Jeff, Feb 16, 2007.

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    I currently have gopher but im thinking about switching to quick books and quick books payroll. The question I have is can you set it up to use pre printed letter heads for invoices and recepits? Also can I install the same copy on my home computer and my laptop? Some general feedback on it would be great, as I really hope it will be better then gopher.

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    QB Pro allows you to use a predefined template for invoices, and then make any changes you wish. Therefore, you should be able to modify an existing template to fit your needs, working around the logos, names, or whatever you already have printed on your paper.

    I have not used Sales Receipts, but I would expect the same function to be available for SR as well.

    I don't know the answer to your last question. You may run into trouble because the online connection will tap back to Intuit and will find you are loading the software on different PCs. Even if you do get the same copy loaded (you may need to buy a second copy -- most likely) on two machines, I do not believe that a function exists to synch two different databases of accounting information. The second one might serve only as a reporting service, subordinate to the master copy on the first PC.
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    Yes, you can use your letterhead etc on the forms in QB's You can customize the existing forms or create a totally new one if you'd like. The logo would need to be imported as a jpeg file. Once set up then memorize it/save it.

    Regarding working with multiple program copies(say one on the desktop and another for the laptop).... Yes, you can do that but will need a portable drive to move data from one computer to the other. You wouldn't want a customer charge on one and not the other. Both locations need to have the same info while probably backing up the data a night is good practice also.

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