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    I am very new to the business. Started the business primarily for my parents to have something to retire on in later years. The 2001 year was our first year. Learned alot, but have a ways to go. I recently purchased Quick Books Pro, to help me out, and I like the features it seems to have, but I am kind of stuck on setting it up, and am affraid of proceeding and really messing things up. I could really use some help. My problem is not much income at this point to go out and pay an accountant $300 to set this up. I am burned out trying to figure it out. Can you please help. I am willing to pay a small amount for your inconvenience. Thank you:confused:
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    It walks you through the set-up.

    If you want to change it later, you can always tweak it to fit your changing needs.
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    List the first 2 questions that your having problems with.

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    Well, First of all. I am a quicken user, and I have my mind stuck on quicken. I started off with entering one customers info, and some money transactions. It labeled the transaction as undeposited cash. Can I set up a bank account here, and transfer money in there. Seems it did not allow me to deposit the money. Where is the money sitting? Also where should I start. How do I define and organize properly, to be able to get useable numbers? I am so lost, and any help would be great. If I did pay to have this completely set up, what would be a reasonable/fair price to pay. I want to avoid that, as money is low, but what else?
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    If you were already using the Quicken, I believe you can import that information right into QB. You can set up any account that you need to in QB (like the bank account you are talking about). QB is easy & flexible which is what makes it popular for small businesses. It also has plenty of help right there with it. Spend some time going through the Help topics (Accounts, Customers etc.) When you click on those topics there is detailed info on what you can do with each subject & how to do it. If you are in business you should have an accountant. Ask them for some help as far as how to set up your Chart of Accounts etc. They probably won't even charge for that little bit of info. Or, you can have the accountant set it up totally, but I have no idea what's a fair price for that.
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    In Quickbooks, when you receive payment on an invoice, you go through a process called "receive payments". This is a screen that lets you choose the customer, the amount of the payment, date, type of payment, etc. Then you apply the payment against the invoices that the customer has open. Typically Quickbooks will group this payment with other payments in an account called "undeposited funds". However, you can make this deposit directly to the bank account.

    This records the money coming in.

    When you deposit the money in the bank, you go to the "make deposits" function. This screen will list payments you have received that you have recorded in the step above.

    Sounds a bit complicated but it really is not. If you look at the on line help, it does a pretty good job of explaining the various methods of handling payments on accounts, cash sales, etc.

    This (Quickbooks) is an instance where reading the help is really beneficial.

    Also, spending the money to have your accountant help or review your setup could save you in the long run. It usually is more expenseinve to straighten out a mess than to set it up right to start with.

    Good luck.

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