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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fatjack, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. fatjack

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    A relative of mine just told me about a project he's been working on to develop a "quick change" blade system. It doesn't even require you to see the blades when removing or installing them... just reach under the deck. push a button or something on his hub design and pull the blade out. New one installs the same way; no tools, no bolts, no nuts, no breaker bars or impact hammers.

    I know we'd all appreciate a way to change a blade set in the field but I'm a little skeptical about this. So I mentioned all the safety issues he'd be facing and did he know that some guys run double blades, so how would he accommodate that?

    He claims he can adapt it to handle it all, but my real concern is: someone MUST have tried this before! I said I'd ask the experts here at Lawnsite and if anybody knew of something like this out there, or if it was tried and failed, you'd be the guys to know.

    I don't want to discourage him, but I'd like him to have a realistic view on what he's trying to do, and maybe find out that it's already been done.

    Any thoughts appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  2. imalandscper

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    i never saw it but i can tell you one thing.....I trust my bolts!
  3. Tonyr

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    Sounds great once it has been approved by the safety people, fully tested and approved etc...

    sounds clever, our current way is pretty ordinary lol.
  4. chuckers

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    i would look at it like more stuff to go wrong imo
  5. ElephantNest

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    There would have to be a dual release system, so you couldn't hit a rock just the right way and engage the button. Only thing I could see working is some type of large cotter pin or something of that nature.
  6. fixer67

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    They should be a counterweight built into it so when the blade is spinning the centrifugal force would lock the release button and even if it was hit the blade would not release.
  7. ElephantNest

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    Yes, but transporting it on and off the trailer, and other situations where the blades would not be spinning would still be of concern.
  8. fixer67

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    ANd if the blades did not relock before it was started up then there goes a flying mower blade. The more I thank about this the more I thank it just is not going to work. By the time you get something that will work it is going to be too big to even fit under the deck and will cost so much few people will able to buy it. To even have a chance at getting it to work you would have to build a deck just for that system. I wish him good luck and would like to know if he does even get it to work.
  9. fixer67

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    I went to the US Patent Office on line and did a search and found out that some one has already invented one. It is patent number 6205755 and was issued on March 27 2001. From the patent papers I read it looks like there have been a great many people who have tried this before. On US Patent forms you must list all the previous patents that has any thing to do with yours and that list is a long one.

  10. Tharrell

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    Here's my quick change setup. I admit it, I stole the idea from Lesco. I found the sockets on closeout and had them welded to 2 different size square tube that slide inside each other. It holds the top of the blade spindle while I'm cranking from the bottom.

    equipment 003.jpg

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