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    As the result of a poll on Lawnsite in 2001, five years ago, Better Outdoor Products introduced the Quick 36 as a superior option to the classic belt-drive mower. Since that time, the market has welcomed us and Quick-series mowers are now in daily use from coast-to-coast.

    But, like any other product built by a man, the Quick mower has its limitations. While very maneuverable on relatively flat terrain (and still easier to use than a belt-drive!), the Quick singles require a little muscle power on steep side-slopes. Many of the LCO’s we’ve talked with have also made it clear that if they’re going to run “blades-on” for 10-12 hours per day, they want a machine that power-steers itself. I can’t blame ‘em- I would too.

    Well… you guys asked for it, so here ya go! :cool2:

    After three years of research on several different design concepts, Better Outdoor is proud to introduce our new Quick Dually™-series mowers. Dually™ continues our tradition of building high-value machines that are lightweight, compact and easy-to-use. But, with separately controlled hydros, Dually™ is ready to take on the toughest terrain-easily.

    Bypassing the complicated and high-maintenance “plumber’s nightmare” of separate pumps, motors, tanks and lines, Dually™ is instead built around the most modern, state-of-the-art integrated hydros. Developed originally for much heavier riding “Z” applications, our drive system is virtually bulletproof. Hydraulically separate, each hydro unit is a maintenance-free modular assembly that can be replaced entirely (in less than an hour) for about the cost of one wheel motor. The performance is remarkably smooth and quiet.

    When it came to controls, we studied every single thing on the market-in detail. We knew the controls had to be virtually effortless. We knew they had to have excellent “feel” and to allow the operator to grip the machine normally (like for loading and curb climbing). We knew they had to be intuitive to operate. We knew they had to have invisible and reliable safety systems. The final result: EZR™. The EZR™ Control System allows the operator to quickly set the maximum speed of the mower to suit the terrain. With the speed lock set, the operator is then free to move the “Z”-style levers fully against the stop, providing a solid and secure full-grip on the controls. With your fingers resting solidly on the stationary reference bar, the mower maintains straight lines, even when operating on bumpy terrain. Let go of the controls and everything defaults back to neutral, just like a Z. Tracking adjustments are quick, easy and precise. :)

    True to our heritage, Dually™ is very compact and lightweight. In fact, our 36” machine is a mere 64.5” long tip to tail and only weighs about 400 pounds. The 44” version is 66.5” long and weighs around 440.

    We’ve loaded every Dually™ from the factory with all the best features. Engine options include 15 Kawasaki KAI manual, 16 Kawasaki KAI electric and 16 Kohler Courage® electric (available mid-September). Halogen headlights, an hourmeter and a maintenance-free AGM battery are standard equipment on all electric start machines. Other features such as 1” axles, demountable wheels, belly pan with a case-saver rear bumper, a debris bag, ball-bearing control links and integrated Step-Saver™ mounts- all standard equipment. We’ve tried to include everything you want (and all we could dream up!) into Dually™. We believe it represents the best deal, at any price, in a fixed-deck, dual-hydro mid-sized walk-period.

    Shipped fully assembled, Dually™ will be ready for delivery around August 1st . Available in 36” and 44” cutting widths with three premium engine options, prices range from $3395-3895.

    And the best part... they're AMERICAN MADE. :usflag:






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    that looks good I may just buy a Better mower now!!!!
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    Holy Moley.
    That's a purdy unit.
    Congrats Gary.
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    How about a 32" two blade timed, blade overlapping(compact) mulch deck to go with tractor. Set the captives free. No need for a 21 with such a machine.

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    In your spare time can you start working on a ....LOL ..

    Congarts Gary and BOP staff on taking it to the next level.

    Under 4G's for a dual hydro ...Who would have ever thought that would be possible ??

    All you guys who have been skeptical about a single hydro ....now ya got your dual hydro machine from BOP...
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    GP -

    Absolutely brilliant. Kudos!

  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Oh Boy!!

    Gary had better get ready to answer the phone - there are lotsa itchy trigger pullers on here that have been waiting for this.
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    "Better" get the assembly lines going full steam! :usflag::usflag::usflag:
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    SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!! I might be adding this to my fleet next year if work permits.
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    I am not in the market for a walkbehind but I do appreciate the way you are marketing this mower. I like the pictures and all the information that is in this thread. Perhaps another adveriser on this site could take some tips from your marketing plan. BTW it is July and we still having seen the Stealth spreader!!!

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