Quick leaf loader question? Billy goat

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Bigler Lawn Care, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Bigler Lawn Care

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    I have been hunting leaf loaders all year at a decent price but can not find any worth buying in my eyes that is with in my distance. I don't have to pick up alot of leaves because most of my lawns have township that gets them but I do have to do some. I found a 11hp billy goat for sale with in distance for $1000 talked him down to $800 and he is meeting me half way which would be about an hour for me. Just wanted to know if it is worth buying I wanted to get a 16hp but cant find any for less than $1,800 and for that price would rather buy a new one. But this year I already spent $1000 for 2 br600's, $6000 for a husky walk behind, $800 on new trimmers, $1000 on other misc tools and also need a new salt spreader for winter for one of my trucks and prob around $2500 to get my trucks ready to go for the snow season with fluids changed and some parts and maint. Just wondering if anyone has every used a 11hp or what is your opinions on one. I have never used any of them and don't know what they really do. I plan on buying this one for this year and either selling it in the spring or summer and buying a brand new one of keeping it for a different truck and buying a new one but its just that right now I don't feel comfortable buying or financing a new one esp. with winter coming. Also I had my appendix out 2 weeks ago and I am not supposed to lift more than 30 pounds for another 4 weeks but I broke that 3 days after surgery but don't know about loading tarps and my workers can do it but I am not the type of person to watch or just blow leaves because I go nuts when there too slow and start picking up huge tarps by myself and I am also concerned this loader will suck and I will rip it off the truck and throw it down the road haha. That's why I had to get new br600's because They werent running right on a job so my temper kicked in and I slammed them on the street busting them my mistake but this year has me on the edge with loosing a friend a family member non-paying customers workers not showing up or stealing money stopped talking to my girlfriends went on vacation after 3 days learned my grandpa who raised me was in the hospitol with merca had to come back luckily he made it but then 2 weeks later had to get my appendix out and so on just want to know if it will work at all thanks. and sorry for the book of a post!!!

    Thanks again,
  2. unit28

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    found this on CL yestrday...good looking unit made by little wonder

    Leaf Shredding Loader with Trailer

    16 HP Twin Valve includes extension hose never been cut and pickup hose.

    This unit has no Rust the tailer has rust but I added the unit later. Loader has always been parked in some kind of Garage.

    But when in doubt hold off.
  3. supercuts

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    pay now or pay later, you'll hate an 11hp if your business grows
  4. wahlturfcare

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    i have 2 11hp briggs billygoats and love it. I run one with a 8'' hose and one with a 10'' and they both work very well with plenty of power even in wet leaves.
  5. Bigler Lawn Care

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    I went ahead and got it and didnt really use it yet but it seams to be pretty mean I will let you know thanks.
  6. chefdrp

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    good for you. Good luck. I have a 16 horse Lesco i just bought last week. Used it today. It was a nice dry day. Did 12 man hours of leaf loading. It went very well. Last year i used my 11 Horse 3 wheel push blower. i took the cage off the front, hooked some 8 inch hose to the bottom of the blower and raked the leaves into the impeller. It being cast aluminum, i was afraid if i sucked up a rock the impeller would expload. My 11 Horse with me me feeding the leaves in the impeller worked better than my 16 horse sucking them through a 10 foot hose. the lesco 16 horse is safer. Are you getting good suction with that small of horse power?
  7. Bigler Lawn Care

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    I used it today and I can honestly say that it is not that bad I am very surprised. A few years back I worked for a guy who had a 16hp lesco and I think this does better. If you keep moving it around and don't just jam it in to the pile it works real good. If you run your hand across the bottom it doesn't feel like it has alot of suction but it does and also if it does get clogged it had enough power to suck the tube shut where it is clogged and it un-clogs it self

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