Quick mulch labor question?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by shovelracer, May 3, 2007.

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    I am booked through mid june, but one of my commercial clients wants 40 yards of mulch spread before labor day. I dont want to do it in pieces and it might rain next week causing a delay. I'm thinking of doing it last minute this weekend. Im just too tired to think about the math. If I get 40 yards dumped in the parking lot in 2 places, with no more than 200 ft to travel from a pile, with about 200 plants in the beds, average bed size of 600 sq ft. How many guys do I need to get the job done in 8 hours or less? Picked off the lot with grain scoops and moved with 6 cube ft barrows. Thanks
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    40 yds in eight hours is a lot to get accomplished. I have a three man crew that puts down all of our much and they can usually get down about 12-15 yards in an eight hour day depending on how much cleaning and chrub trimming there is. That is cleaning the beds, trimming the shrubs, putting down and raking the mulch, and applying a pre-emerge on top of the mulch. So I would guess that you need at least 8-10 guys that know what to do.
  3. shovelracer

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    Thanks for the advice. Im got the OK to use a B21 on the lawn so it will be just 2 of us. The tractor can move the pile in 4-5 hours and the help should be able to rake it out in 6-8. The cleaning will be done the day before. So sunday will be just drop and spread. BTW if your 3 guys are only moving 12-15 yds they arent working hard enough. We regularly move 20 in a day. One day last year I had 2 guys drop and spread 40 yards, but it was a clear hill and they just had to drop from above. They werent happy with me and one guy quit 2 days later.
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  5. rodfather

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    Labor Day or do you mean Memorial Day? Labor Day's not until September last time I checked.
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    Pre-emerge goes under the mulch not on top.
  7. TurfProSTL

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    I disagree. If you're putting down 3" of mulch, what 'pre-emergeable' weed is going to come through that?
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    I never put pre-emerge on the bottom 3 inches of mulch is a natural barrier,goes on top to stop weeds that will emerge "in" the mulch.
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    If your booked until june....you still have July, August to get it done before labor day!!....J.K

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