quick note from jim inspired had a stroke

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Mike Leary

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    Thanks to all; Bill's a good guy and I'm sure any help we can give will be appreciated. :waving:
  2. 1idejim

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    yup, hey it as nice talking to you finally boss. just got my dive call, materials in town-see ya:waving:
  3. Mike Leary

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    The odd thing about Bill's stroke, is he has no vices: smoke-drink-toot,etc., unlike myself, though some things I no longer participate in. I believe he's ten years younger than my 65, so what causes this? I'd heard from someone that ornery people live longer; maybe that's why I'm o.k. and Bill's not, though his weight was up. All the best if you read this, Bill, see you in a month or so.


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    The temp was around 113 in Phoenix that day. Stress, heat, lack of water. Who knows if they contributed but if they didn't they may have made it worse.
  5. Mike Leary

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    Bill had no employees, he might have been doing stuff that should have been reserved for younger bucks.
  6. Dripit good

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    I still can't find the right words. I feel for him and his family, and hope a miracle happens.

    A stroke is one of the most horrible things that can happen to you.
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  7. 1idejim

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    melissa called me just after i finished my UW light replacement, she would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and so on.

    seems that bill was having dizzy spells for a couple of weeks before the stroke, the doctors told melissa that these spells were a warning sign that billy didn't heed.

    she also told me that their sons were helping bill and that when they returned from a bathroom break they found him on the ground and disoriented, called 911 and prolly saved his life. kudos kids.:clapping::clapping::clapping:

    it looks like a long term recovery, he will be in the accute therapy center for about three months, then home and then he will travel to and from therapy.

    melissa said that this was a major stroke and that for a while they didn't know if bill would pull through or not.

    i'll post more when i get some more info
  8. Stuttering Stan

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    My heart goes out to Bill. His life may never be the same, but I hope he can make a full recovery and enjoy many, many more years. Please let us know the details of a donation fund.
  9. Mike Leary

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  10. Wet_Boots

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    ...and I used to laugh at the sight of the jumbo 500-count bottles of ibuprofen pills....

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