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LawnSite Senior Member
Baltimore, MD
On a serious note, how could upcoming the presidential election affect our industry?
Seems to me, Gore being a tree-hugger and someone who believs internal combustion engines are evil incarnated I think he might not help the greens industry too much.


LawnSite Bronze Member
San Antonio, TX
Hmm kind of tough...Gore wants no combustible engines that, could effect us...heck he wants to get rid of two-cycle for sure...Both are politicians so what they say usually means something else (I hate politicians) Flip a coin...BUSH


LawnSite Member
Hayden, Al.
Looks as though that I am not going against the grain here when I say George W. Without a doubt. It bothers me of what we could expect with a Gore administration. Just look at the things that the EPA has done and is subjest to do in the future. While I couldn't help to notice a negitive attitude concerning both Bush and Gore, to me it is so very important that regardless of how you feel, that you get up and GO VOTE. We need to excercise that right, or one day we may wonder how we lost it..


LawnSite Member
Harry Browne.........When one votes for the lesser of two evils one guarantees evil will win!


LawnSite Senior Member

Gus is right. Harry Brown is the only candidate I would consider. Bush - Gore, a nickel's worth of difference between the two. And borrowing from our friend GrassMaster..."THATS A FACT JACK!"

It's easy to vote Bush because your daddy does, or you perceive or have been told the republicans are good for business.

Look, this country faces some serious issues..the war on drugs for one is a rediculous scam that keeps our jails full of pot smokers while serious offenders are released prematurely.

The democrats war on tobacco use is yet another example of government interference into our personal lives. Folks, it ain't gonna stop.

Government is too big - too obtrusive, and BOTH mainstream candidates...despite what they say...are for bigger government. Just listen carefully as each panders to special interest - promises to do this, do that. What are they going to do it with? More government of course.

And don't let ANYONE tell you that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote. That's total nonsense. A person who doesn't vote is a wasted vote.

No, Harry Brown will not be elected this year. But a vote for Harry Brown will send a clear signal that the tide in America is beginning to turn and that maybe, just maybe the libertarians will retain the inspiration to continue the good fight...plowing forward....hopefully to make a difference in 2004.

I will be voting Libertarian in November. I would encourage other, rational thinking members of this forum to join me.

Off my soap box now.