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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Lawn-Guy, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Lawn-Guy

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    who else on here uses primatol besides me? i personally love the stuff and think that it saves alot of time over the season therefor making me more money(time=money)

    i also use quick pro round up it works but seems like it takes a good wile to take affect any one have any bettersuggestions for producs

    and yeas i often do mix the quick and permatol together but that is what i was instructed to do by dist.

    what type of sprayer is everyone using

    what color and brand of dye do you use if any at all
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  2. Runner

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    You are probably referring to Pramitol, which is some wicked stuff. Personally, I like to avoid it because of the volatility. This stuff leaches more than any other defoliant out there. The only thing is though is this stuff is a sterilant. Roundup quick pro and Pramitol are two completely separate and different types of products all together. Pramitol (which contains Prometon) is a defoliant and a sterilant all in one. Roundup Quickpro is just a non-selective with no residual. The quick part is brought on by Diquat. You darned well better know your stuff before you go spraying this stuff around, because it can reach trees and ornamentals that a number of feet away. Same with turf...it will reach out and contaminate wide areas. the stuff never goes away, and yes...does contaminate water tables. There are much better alternatives to use for the purpose that this stuff serves.
  3. Lawn-Guy

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    yes that is what im refering to howeverwe see my spellin is not the best lol i realize how violent it is and that it travels sometimes as much as 3 feet away depending on condition i normally mix this with the quick pro when im sprayin parkin lots and drive ways n sidewalk as long as a well or turf isnt around. and yes i have a va. applicators lic.

    it seems to take a good week or 2 for the weed to start dying though by mixing the 2 together am i dulitin the quick pro and that why it takin s long or could it be something else
  4. Jason Rose

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    Primatol by itself dosn't kill weeds very well. If you have actively growing vegatation you need to mix the Primatol with a weed/grass killer like round-up. There's also other recommendations on the LABEL. However I find that some of their recomended mixing items, like using diesel fuel, would be insanely illegal when it comes to being a licensed applicator.

    I've seen the stuff kill trees and shrubs. I've seen it run-off in a ditch after a rain almost 100' killing the turf in a 2 to 4 foot wide path the whole way. No, I didn't make these applications! I have a jug of it in the shop and have used it for bare ground control. The mix rates of it make it pretty pricey per gallon of mix, and make it almost more expensive then some of the other alternatives out there.

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