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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by UrbanGreen, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. UrbanGreen

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    I have been running exmark navigators for almost 4 years now and will be replacing one of them with a ztr. I am pretty set on a scag wild cat but just had a couple of questions. Since the scag seems to be built like a tank and weighs as much as one, have you guys ever had a problem with it creating ruts or stressing a lawn out? Second question, I have been told to stay away from the liquid cooled engines because the screen gets clogged from debris. Is this true?

    Thanks for replies, I hope to be a happy scag owner soon!
  2. johnnybravo8802

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    I think the wildcat would be a good choice. I don't think there is enough weight difference to matter with rutting. I have a TT and it doesn't rut anymore than any other brand I've owned. In fact, it may be less with the wide tires-the width of the tires makes a big difference also. I try to not mow wet grass and change direction of cut as often as possible. To me, the quality of the machine is well worth a little bit of extra weight. Hope to see you onboard soon. You'll be amazed at the velocity plus deck!!!:clapping::clapping:
  3. johnnybravo8802

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    I forgot to mention that I have the 29Kawi DFI with liquid cooling and the maintenance couldn't be any easier. I just blow the screen off after mowing-it's that simple. Honestly, the engine sucks the debri to the screen when the engine is running and falls right off when the engine is turned off-you almost don't even have to clean it. When I do clean it, I take a screwdriver, and clean out the valleys that you can't blow out but that is really simple. I had two Exmark's with liquid cooled engines and they stayed clogged up a lot more than my Scag-the screen was even on top of the engine!!I wouldn't think twice about an LC.
  4. The Captain

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    I have an older Turf Tiger with the 23hp Kawa. water cooled.

    1. It is heavy. My fat azz (280#) on it dosen't help either. I do notice some rutting when the soil moisture is high like spring or sometimes early morning. You learn to vary your tracks to avoid this. The same with stress tracks.

    2. Water cooled is in my opinion the only way to go. I have 1200+ hours on mine and it runs cool and strong all day long. The screen collects the debris. Just pull it out of the guides on the radiator and wave it in the air. It's clean. After mowing I blow everything off. No problems.

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