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Quick question fellas


LawnSite Silver Member
largo, FL
I have a church as one of my maintenance accounts and they have a pretty high flowing deep well. Not sure what the specs on the well are but currently its moving about 23 gpm at 48 psi per zone with some variation in pressure, seeing how its max is about 60 when zones are off and pump is just running it seems to me that I could flow more gpm at a slightly lower psi and manage to run 2 zones at once. After manually opening 2 valves at once I get around 30 - 35 psi per pair this is rotors and sprays which shouldnt be mixed but hey what can ya do right?

Anyway the question is can I run two zones at once on the controller? It is an older rainbird controller with a large dial that has knobs to adjust watering time per zone as two smaller dials to set watering day / time to water. Sorry but I didnt catch the model #, anyone know if its possible to wire two valves per zone? Dumb question maybe but worth a shot if it would benefit the pump and save power.