quick question on a second vehicle(not a truck)

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mike lane lawn care, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. mike lane lawn care

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    ok guys, so now that i am traveling a lot, like 250 miles away to a different place every week, i have decided that the 2500HD is just too big, too thirsty, and to tiring to drive for 5 hours straight. so i have been looking at a second vehicle just for travel up here in plattsburgh, NY. i came across an SUV that i like, it's a 2004 Hyundai santa fe with the 3.5L V6 and AWD with just under 60k. it seems nice, it drove nice,it has one flaw, a bad front bearing, that is getting replaced as we speak. they wanted $9200 for it, and i got them down to $8k, which i think is pretty good considering it's features and good condition. I would tow it back home (about 215 miles down I-87) and payments with my down payment would be about $150/month for 36 months. I have been thinking about it and the fuel savings from not driving the truck all the time would make the payments.

    i just want to know what you guys think before i go back tomorrow AM after work(over night work!) and sign for it.
  2. DoetschOutdoor

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    Did you figure in insurance in that monthly payment? Since you will be financing, you will have to have full coverage. Only you know your rates so it may be really cheap or could be another $100 a month...
  3. Evan528

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    They are kind of girly suv's if you ask me. Guess I just never seen many guys driving a Santa fe. Im sure its alot better on gas then your 2500 though!
  4. TXNSLighting

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    always heard to stay away from hyundai SUV's.
  5. bonerigo.1

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    My mom has one. It’s only a 2wd but she doesn’t need the 4wd at all. It’s really comfortable and drives nice and smooth. They provide a nice warranty with them. She gets upper 20mpg on the highway. If you don’t need the AWD I would steer clear of it.
  6. Lakewlc

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    havent heard good things about those.
  7. SuperDuty335

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    Make sure it has enough room for comfort! My run-around car is a Toyota Corolla that gets a solid 31mpg, but I can't hardly get into it without crawling in.(you probably don't weigh 285 lbs, though) In contrast, I have a Ford Excursion with a chipped 7.3 that gets 23mpg hwy and can haul 8 people. When I go on a road trip I always take the Excursion.
  8. zak406

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    9000 dollars here is equivalent to 2591.54 gallons
  9. Petr51488

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    Exactly. Plus less insurance, wear and tear on the second vehicle etc.

    You get what you pay for with a hyndai. Remember that. I would go with a car rather then an suv. Maybe a nissan?
  10. mike lane lawn care

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    well the reason i was looking at a second car is driver comfort for long trips, which my HD is comfy, but it is big and bulky. and for saving wear on my truck. the fuel is my least concern, as my job pays for fuel completely.

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