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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by surfsk869, May 16, 2007.

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    i was recently at a clients house who wants a spring clean up and new mulch laid in plant beds. i got the measurements of the beds and it came to be about 1000 square feet. I implemented the formula of sq ft x depth/27 and came out to 75 yards needed - does this seem to be too much mulch for the given area?

    to me that sounds slightly high. moreover, 75 yards x 50 per yard = 3750$. this seems somewhat steep, any advice / corrections to this procedure would be greatly appreciated. i have recently moved over from hourly rates to flat quotes so i am still learning the ropes. ps you guys have been a ton of help, thanks a bunch
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    yeah quite a bit high. i think u did ur depth wrong

    L x W x D / 27

    1000ft x D /27

    1000ft x .25 ( 3 inches, cause 1/4 of 1ft is 3inches)

    250/27 = 9.259 yrds

    so i would say bout 10 yards, at 50/yrd would be about $500. I think you just put in 3 for your depth. remember when caculating for the depth, since avg is 3 inches u gotta convert it to a decimal since its not a full yard (LxW)=sq ft.

    hope this helped.

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    I use a basic rule 100 sq ft = 1 yd. So 10 yds would do it.

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