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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by DLAWNS, Jan 10, 2009.


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    I have been looking at some of the pictures in the pictures forum and amazed at the waterfalls that people have created. What is involved in getting into this? Does this involve a lot of plumbing and if so are there any specific licenses that need to be obtained? I'm just thinking out loud. I would love to learn to do this and would obviously need to take some classes and get some hands on training. Any thoughts? Any advice or responses would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Venturewest

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    Getting started building water features isn't really that hard. There is actually very little plumbing in residential sized decorative water features. There are no licenses required unless an electricial has to install a dedicated outlet for your pumps or something. (They just have a long cord and plug in.)

    Finding some pond or waterfall building classes is an essential step if you want to eliminate a serious amount of mistakes.

    Becoming a good designer of beautiful natural looking water features is a little harder. There are guys that have successful pond businesses that have been building the same ugly waterfalls for 20 years. Look at features that you think look good and try to picture how they were constructed. Aquascapes has started to put on some great waterfall building classes. It would be worth flying in some where if there are no classes locally.

    Are you willing to travel? I have some suggestions if you are.

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    I guess it would depend on where I would have to go. Where would the classes be? I will also look locally. Thank you very much for the advice. Any thoughts from anyone else?
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    I second what Venturewest said. Do a search and call a couple pond manufacturers and see when and where they are having pond build type seminars. Aquascape Inc and Savio have the best pond build days that I have seen. Be your own boss and don't get caught up in just one aspect of waterfeatures, think outside of the box. Take a class and get one built in your yard as sson as you can. This is the best training and you can use it as a demo. The cool thing about Ponds & Waterfalls is you can change the waterfall or pond when you want by adding a couple boulders or plants etc.
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    I agree getting into the business of building water features isn't hard but remember its your knowledge and training along with a good eye that will set you apart from the others.I know a couple of installers in your state and I have been told that it is more license hungry than where I am at, so be sure to check out the rules for your area. Good luck !
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    If you like I can set you up with some people in your area that know of class/training dates

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    That would be awesome. Could you email their information to me? Whatever is easiest for you. I really appreciate it a lot. My email is bill@depierrolawns.com.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the great advice!
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    What if you don't have a " pond distributor " in your area ... how do you go about finding classes ? I'm like a infant to the water world guys ! I'm just tired of doing the high end plantings where people are like that looks great... i want to have them say holly s#$% that looks incredible haha. i want to be able to add to the plantings and stand apart from all other company's out there in my area.
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    It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. HAHAHA
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    If that's the case than you might have to travel. Go to Aquascapeinc.com and look for CAC's (certified aquascape contractor) in your area or call Aquascape directly and ask them for build a pond days in your area.

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