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quick question


LawnSite Member
waterbury, ct
I had a local chuch call me up today want a estimate for mowing, mulch, hedge trimming, and spring/fall clean ups. bidding the property is no problem but I have NO experiance with commercial properties so I was wondering how I should write it up as a formal proposal. I am used to verbal agreements with my residential customers. any advice?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Overland Park KS
i just went through this same thing last week, sit down and write up a service agreement of all the work you will be doing and the prices of it, make sure you include the fact that if any of the contract changes it has to be signed and agreed upon by both parties, put details in the contract like how long the contract is for, what days you will be there, what happens on rain days, all the stuff you normally tell a residential customer but just put it in writing

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LawnSite Silver Member
Use a nice letter head with your logo if you have one. Do a search for a few examples, or PM me and I'll email one to you.