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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JJLandscapes, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. JJLandscapes

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    My brother just bought a new house so of course i have to lay the sod down during busy season before his house warming party...

    I ripped up his front lawn last week and leveled it and cant lay the sod until this weekend. IS it ok to just go and lay the sod down or should i scratch the top layer of soil since it has been settling for about a week now.. or its not a big deal at all
  2. ncls

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    Loosen the top 1 inch or so. The easier the roots can spread down the healthier the lawn will be.
  3. naturescape

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    Seed will work better! I'm telling ya.........!
  4. BD Bone

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    You first want to make absolutely sure that your do have a nice layer of loose soil on the top for application. You also want it free of stone/gravel and I would recommend raking it if you have not already done so. The key to laying sod, is the seams.... and WATER, WATER, WATER and more WATER. If you lay it during warmer weather and hot sun... you must be sure to keep ample water to it daily!! You should also water the soil to just "damp" prior to laying the sod down. Then, after laying the sod... Roll your seams... Just like wallpapering. Then of course, water after install. Right now, if you are in the NE w/the rain and a little cooler temps, it is a good time to install... If you decide to plant grass... from seed.. Your ideal optimum time to plant is in early spring but even better still, fall. The weather is cooler, the seed germinates better and the winter promotes a healthier root system as it goes into dormancy for the winter season.
    Good luck. If in doubt, solicit advice from your local sod supplier or sod farm as to the best practices for installation. They are invaluable.

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