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A yard of double shredded bark wholesale is around $20.00 delivered, one guy can easily spread 2-3 yards per hour so........

One yard is 27 cubic feet so we are only talking 8 X
10 cubic feet wheelbarrow loads dumped and spread per hour
to install 3 yards per hour.

Based on 1 hour assuming two guys

revenue $200.00 (4 yards installed at $50 per yard)

expenses $80.00 (4 yards)
labor $30.00 (2 guys @ $11 per hour plus ins. etc)

net $90.00 (less any other fixed or variable expenses).

I typically am around $50 per yard to be competitive but sell maybe 15-20% of proposals. Obviously we are assuming easy access and beds without a disproportionate amount of shrubs.
Amazing what two mexicans can do in a day! To be honest too who installs 8 yards and tells Mrs it was 10! Dishonest or part of the business?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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