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$40 per yard!!! Quality BARK mulch cost me $27 per yard. Lets see if I charge $40 per yard after paying for the mulch that leaves me with $13.00 per yard. It takes a manhour to spread a yard and typically my guys like to be paid at the end of the week. A manhour with health, taxes, unempl, work comp, etc.. cost me about $16.00 total on average. Let see $13 minus $16 is - $3.00 per yard. Factor the dump truck, tools, gas, biz insr, truck insur, etc.. -$3.00 minus overhead ??????? Nice profit eh!

Like I said - ARE YOU KIDDING?

Yeah, any knucklehead can spread mulch. But not everyone can make a living doing it.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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