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A few posts in the past have asked forum members how much they earn in a season. Not many people (myself included) are going to give out what they personally earn in a year. My feeling is that's nobody's business but mine.

However, I think it'd be interesting to know how many full-time/part-time employees (in addition to yourself) you may have, and what your expected GROSS for 2000 is. Not NET, and not what you personally make...just GROSS. I figure most of us are small businesses grossing less than $150K.

In fact, don't even be specific. Just give a range for an answer. I.E. Under 50K, 50K-75K, 75K-100K, 100K-150K, 150K-200K, 200K-250K, 250 and above.

I'll start...this year it's just my partner and I plus one full-time employee and we expect to gross around 140K-150K. Last year we had three full time employees and grossed 175K-200K. We're full-service 12months a year.

Eric ELM

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The last one you posted fits me, the $250.00 and above.


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This year less then 50K
I have over 120K bid out for next year.
Me and a part timer Im a part timer myself, if I get what I've got bid probly 2 full timers and myself.


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I'm with Eric, $250.00 and above!