Quick tip I learned for removing trailer deck bolts


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balto md


So I set forth on removing my equipment trailer deck that was held down with large size 40 torx bolts . I was only able to remove a handful of them with my impact gun . The rest were just rust stuck and not budging. So I got the circular saw out and cut through the boards to make it easier so I could just pry the wood up over the stuck screws.

Prying the wood was a very timely,taxing and strenuous task. I just kept thinking there has to be an easier way . After the wood was about 3/4 removed from the trailer I was taking a hammer and hitting the stuck bolts side to side until the bolts snapped off flush. It then dawned on me to try hitting the top of the torx bolt on its head with a couple good raps of the hammer to see if it would shock the rust loose and it actually worked. I was able to remove every remaining torx bolt right out of the frame like butter.

Figured that lil tidbit of info my come in handy to some of my lawnsite family members so I’m passing it on. Hope it saves someone time and labor.