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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by elite lawns, Apr 20, 2008.

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    ok i need help with quick book 08 or any there problem all the same here my questions

    1. how do itemize things i buy let said i brought a drink so how do i put in the $2 for a drink

    2.how do i put in last years income? can i

    3.payroll can i put in what i paid ppl without buying quick book payroll let said i get help for one day paid him $90 can i put that in

    any help would be great i got this software about two month ago but just started using it i call quick book and they to me i only had a month to call for help
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    I'm not using quickbooks anymore, but my sister in law works for Intuit the makers of Quickbooks. She said if you don't want to pay for the support service after the 30 days, another good resource is the QuickBooks user forums. http://quickbooksgroup.com/forums/
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    When you write a check you use the dropdown at the bottom in the box to put that expense in the account you created in List / items / new. Last years income could be entered in a account you create, like a bank account/ cash account/ etc, but you would have to enter it at a date last year and reconcile it or it would throw your current years books off.
  4. elite lawns

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    thank you sir

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