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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Frue, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Frue

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    there a way to do your work in quickbooks so you do not have to double book? Right now I use lawnpro, So when I come home I mark the work complete and it goes on an invoice.
    My old program I had to right everything in a book then at the end of the month I open the book to do billing and then spend the rest of the weekend typing.
    I am looking for something to keep books once Lawnpro is ok but it does not let me charge extra for extra work on the property so I have to go in and change the invoice. Since quickbooks seems to be the most used thought I would ask.
    I need something that will keep my work on file and make invoicing simple.
  2. Runner

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    You need to talk to someone who has (or is from) QXpress.
  3. Frue

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    bump it up
  4. echeandia

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    I would live to find out about this as well. I keep track of everything for the month on paper and at the end of the month I create the invoices. There has to be a better way.
  5. TurfCo  LLC

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    I do the same thing... I HATE making invoices.... today is Dec. 1 and it's time for bills to be made out for November... but I hate doing it so much. You can always tell how much I need the money by how quickly you get your bill in the mail for the month before.
  6. Grass Happens

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    In quick books you can set up items, i.e weekly mow service, or wall labor, etc. I for example have set up mow and blow as item one, so when i open my invoices, i type the customers name, the rest of the field populates, and i go down and type "01". That fills in the little blurb about mowing and removing clippings etc. I then type under the blurb the date i did the work and then type the price in the correct field and and hit "Save and new" and it takes me to a blank sequntely numbered invoice, takes all of a minute.
    They have a starter version available on the website for free, you can download and get the gist of it.
    I've been using QB sense day one of my business, and used it for 3 years before that. Next year I will be teaching the class at the local jr. college.
  7. Roger

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    QuickBooks does these tasks quickly and easily. I have used it for two years now, and find it fits my needs well. There are a couple of reports I wish I could generate, but have learned to live without them.

    I bill monthly, and send one invoice at the end of each month. A Customer Profile is established for each customer -- includes name, address, contact info, etc. At the beginning of each month, I scan down the list and open a new invoice. A new invoice number is generated, and all the customer information is moved into the invoice (e.g. name, address). Also, an Invoice Date is established -- I set mine as the last day of the month. Using the Terms already established in the Customer Profile, a Due Date is generated on the invoice.

    As mentioned above, a list of services is generated when setting up QB. When I wish to make an entry on the invoice, I can choose from that list. Selections can be made with known prices as well, so when one of these is chosen, not only will the description of service put on the invoice, but the price too. The invoice is "closed" and filed away. After the next visit, I "open" the invoice and make a new entry. Again, it is "closed," saving both entries. The invoice totals, along with appropriate Sales Tax, if applicable, is calculated and entered on the invoice. I repeat this practice for every visit for the month, whether it be four or five grass cuttings, or leaf work, or direct costs (e.g. dump fees, mulch costs, etc). At the end of the month, the invoice is ready for printing. I have made a customer invoice so that the customer's name fits into a window envelope. Also, the bottom part of the invoice is a "tear off" for return. The "tear off" includes my name in the right place, the customer's name in the right place -- all for appearing in a double window envelope which is sent along with the invoice. The customer only needs to tear off the bottom third, stuff the supplied envelope with the check and my "tear off" and it will already have the address and return address in the window. Also, the "tear off" has all the appropriate information, invoice number, due date, amount to be paid, etc. Therefore, I know how to match the check with the invoice (for those who might not pay on time).

    QB is useful, but takes some time to get set up properly. If you have trouble getting the setup, work with your CPA, or somebody he/she can recommend. Only a couple of hours of consulting time may be well worth the cost. Also, QB supplies a list of Advisors, those who have established themselves as having some expertise. These folks are all over the country, and you undoubtedly have one or more of them in your local area.

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