Quickbooks 2000



I hope that I am not out of line here, but there have been several recent posts and there are members of the group that are using Quickbooks.<p>If you are using QB to do payroll, in the past you were required to purchase updated tax tables each year for the payroll deductions. You could avoid this by upgrading to the newest version of the program, and the tax tables were included with a retail purchase. A lot of people would simply upgrade, and get the newest version instead of buying the tax tables, as the costs were similar.<p>I recently purchased Quickbooks Pro 2000, because it had some features that I liked, and I felt that I was due for an upgrade, and as I stated above, the cost was close to the cost of upgrading the tax tables. <p>For QB 2000 and above, the tax tables are not included with the retail purchase of the program, and futrhermore, they are only available via the internet, at a cost of $72 per year. You are required to give Intuit your EIN, and download the new tables every four months. The tables are not available on disk.<p>Nowhere on the box or in the literature does Intuit say that internet access is required for the payroll features to work, nor do they state that the latest tax tables are not included with purchase, as was the case in previous versions. <p>You can still do payroll without subscribing to the tax table service, but you must figure each deduction manually and enter an amount for each line item for each paycheck. This is essentally doing it by hand.<p>I am not saying that you should not upgrade, but thought that I would make others aware fo the new way of doing payroll. <p>I am personally not going to keep my copy of 2000 for this very reason. I am going to look for a copy of '99, as it has most of the features that I liked from 2000. <p>So, again, I hope that I am not out of line inposting this, and maybe someone that was thinking of upgrading will be a bit more informed. There are forums like this ine on the Quickbooks web site, and more information can be found there. www.quickbooks.com