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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Premo Services, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. HBFOXJr

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    I am using QEX. Opinion - good but needs improvements they are supposedly working on. I came from my own stuff, not as sleek and sophiticated, so my expectations were higher than if I wasn't automted before and my dissatisfactions were harder to take.

    It is a slow program and cumbersome to navigate sometimes. Not real intuititve and a whole lot of learning and set up depending how you use it.

    I'm managing a few mowing/maintenance accounts and a few hundred fert programs and even more irrigation jobs. So to utilize the program in that many ways requires a lot of learning and set up. Fo awhile I thought I'd never get done becasue everytime I went to do something I'd have to go set up one more thing.

    I regard it as a late fall- winter project if you provide lots of services or evenings for a while if you are mowing/maint or application only.

    It is making life easier. QEX combined with my new Palm 515 I'm better organized with less forget or delay. I'm not using the palm with QEX yet but will do so as soon as I have more time. We still need the paper records in irrigation and applications to meet our own or government requirements.
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    Premo Services - "No one else using QExpress from alcet. Lets hear some opinions on it"

    Got a web address or link?
  3. HBFOXJr

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    I'd recomend QExpress as a buy even though it is still under development. It has scheduling capabilities for appoint based jobs that CLIP does not have. It does integrate well with QB2002 Pro.
  4. Premo Services

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    www.alocet.com :D
  5. Tvov

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    How did you get a $100 rebate?!? Nobody told me about that. My big problem is the internet adds/links on virtually every screen. If I had gotten the program for free, I could understand advertising, but I paid for the program.
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    I currently use Quicken Home/Business and also use Lawn Monkey. I have a year to decide to upgrade from Lawn Monkey to Qexpress. For those that have used Lawn Monkey and now use Qexpress, was it worth upgrading to. Would it be worth it for me to go out and spend $200 for QuickBooks Pro and move to Qexpress?
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    If you have employees and need the payroll feature I would switch to Qxpress. I switched and have been very pleased with the results. I have been using Quick Books for 5 years and Qxpress works very well with QB2002. I like the accounting features in QB. My accountant reccomended using QB for the accounting and Qxpress for the scheduling.
  8. walker-talker

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    Thanks for the reply

  9. MWHC

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    I bought Qxpress about 6 months ago. If you use Quick Books and do lawn maintenance, it is the only way to go. Qxpress and it's support team are first rate. It saves so much time with batch billing its incredible.
  10. Andrew S

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    I have been using Q-Express for ten weeks now and find it far better than any other program I have tried.Like anything new it takes a bit of time to get used to it,but now that I have got used to it I would not change it for anything-it is very easy to use.

    I intend to start using a palm pilot in the near future.

    My only regret is that the map option is not available in Australia

    Also Alocets representitive here is very helpful and provides excellent service.


    Andrew Stambulich

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