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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Contract Spot, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Contract Spot

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    If you have Quickbooks, you can now simplify your life by using ContractSpot to manage all your receivables. It is free and easy to use and lets you see if your customer has Viewed, Approved, Paid or Disputed your invoice in Real-Time.

    Check out how it integrates here.
  2. salopez

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    it would be great if the site ran faster then a snall. I am a reg. user, and can never get anything done.
  3. Contract Spot

    Contract Spot LawnSite Member
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    I am sorry about your negative experience.

    We have thousands of users and I have never heard a complaint about speed.

    Where do you notice the lag time? Invoices, Quotes, Customer Management, Profile Page, Web Templates??

    Please let me know, so I can get our team on it.
  4. TQ Lawn Service

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    I notice that the fees aren't laid out, or at least easily accessible. I went to the link provided concerning the Quickbooks integration, and noticed that a $1.00 charge showed a fee of $.43. Are the fees percentage based? Is it really 43% of the billable amount? If not, and this is a minimum fee charge, you're not doing your service any favors by showing such a low billable amount.
  5. Contract Spot

    Contract Spot LawnSite Member
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    Our fee is 3% + $0.40 per transaction. [$100 invoice = $3.40 fee]

    The purpose of the screenshot was to show the payment history page and how we can put both check payments and electronic payments into Quickbooks.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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