Quickbooks - Do you see any problems with my new billing?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawn-Scapes, Jan 25, 2002.

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    I had the same situation since 1986. We used acctg that interfaced with nothing. I had a stand alone database that I built with my services in it. To bid I just entered quantities of something. Things like hrs/cut, hrs to trim shrubs, cu yd of mulch, hr to spread mulch, sq ft to aerate etc.

    It did everything delivering me a price for each service, ading up to the anual amount and figured payment terms at the end. I could vary the down payment % and the Number of months.

    I could print reports for who got each service and in what qty, then go do the work. When the work was done we would just go change the "Y" for yes in that service to a date. We also had our own internal paper record. For mowing we always used a route sheet with time and crew info. It was just for us.

    We would print a billing list from the database each month for the contract people and my wife would search the weekly route sheets for the dates of the per cut jobs.

    Now you can make this easy. For a few hundred dollars to buy or a few dollars/mo lease you can go to Alocet, the Lawn Monkey people and start using their QExpress program which does all this stuff and integrates with QB so you don't have to enter customers. Go check it out. You heard it from me first.
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    It sounds like you're not getting the answers you want. Don't know if I can help either, but here's what I do.

    I memorize invoices with the total monthly charge on the first line item. I add 4 more line items with no price. My maintenance template has a 'date of service' column. When the service is completed for a particular day, I'll go to my "to print" list, pull up each invoice for that day's customers, and input the 'serviced on' date. Any line items which don't have a date when it comes time to print invoices get deleted.

    I find it kinda strange that you don't want to give your customers some means of keeping track of cuts. The customer has every right to monitor your activities, and you need to make it easy for them to do so.

    Make up a two part carbonless form and call it a maintenance report. On this form list any or all of your activities, time in and out, etc., and when you're done servicing a yard, check off your activities for the day, put it in a door hanger, and leave it for the customer. The copy stays with you and goes to their file. This way the customer knows exactly what she's getting and is less inclined to shop around. This is also a good way to track time at the end of the year.

    BTW, I just got QBXpress and don't like the invoicing, it's not customizable. I'll probably only use it for scheduling. Hope some of this helps a little. Daniel
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    Just a note fshrdan,

    You don't have to print your invoices in QX. You can generate them, then when you send them over to QB, just make sure you have "To Be Printed in QB" checked. This way you can print them from QB using your templates.
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    Over a 12 month period, I charge the same except for doing extra charged services. Either I will amend invoice or do a seperate invoice. Otherwise all my route are broken into sections(ie.. upper san bruno(30) lower san bruno (20)) All invoices are memorized, so only tell it to invoice a group.

    The only time my clients get a statement is when:
    mutiple invoices in one month
    delinquent accounts--

    On the delinquents, I print a basic transaction history: inv# check # and month that check was used to pay. Also finance charges.


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