Quickbooks????? How do you enter a fuel reciept?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by instyle, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. instyle

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    I am just learning this program, but I don't see a one step way to enter an expence on the go....like if you fuel up. You will want to enter the total you paid. From what I am seeing, I have to make a bill, then after that I have to enter a payment for that bill. There has to be a faster way to do this. Any help??
  2. Roger

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    I too am just learning to use QB. I use the register to record expenses. The first box that appears is the account. If you wish to charge the expense against a petty cash, choose that one, if against a bank account, then choose the checking account. The register will appear and you can fill in the information (including check no. if paid by check), and the choices of where to charge off the expenses will be given to you (e.g. fuel, hardware, repair, etc).

    Maybe another experienced user can help us out here -- confirm my idea, or provide a better one.
  3. topdog

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    enter it into your check registery directly.
    i go to the same gas station ( 2 blocks from house).
    quick add as vendor list it under fuel expenses & just save receipts.
  4. kppurn

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    I enter them through the banking center. Click "credit cards" and enter the transaction to the appropriate card. Same for checks, debit card, etc. I use this instead of the register in the chart of accounts so I can assign a class to the transaction in addition to the expense account.

    I'm still using QB Pro 2002, so I don't know if the newer versions are set up differently.

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