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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Moose's Mowing, Nov 15, 2012.

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    I'm now growing at a rate to where I can't do my billing and books in just a simple spreadsheet anymore. I'd also like a way to easily and quickly track expenses & Income overall, per job, per week, etc etc. I also need a better way to invoice my customers. I just got set up with Square to accept credit cards and I'd like a program that I can run on my laptop, but also access when I'm in the field working if a customer has a question about whatever.

    Quickbooks is the only program I know of, and only because I've heard about it here. I have no idea what the capabilities of this program are. I'm on their website and see that you can choose to just use it online for around 12 bucks a month. that's only about 150 a year to do all my book keeping. I certainly think that's worth it depending on what the features are.

    Can anybody give me a basic rundown on the pros and cons of Quickbooks are? Will it allow me to track expenses, income, create invoices, and run reports & help me analyze my business? Also, can Square link into Quickbooks somehow and automatically tell me who's paid and who hasn't, or are there other options to do this or must it be done manually?

    Thanks in advance
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    Quick books is very easy to use and understand it will do allow you to do all your expenses and invoices, payroll, reports, budgets, estimates, recieve customer payments by check, online, credit cards, cash. I'm not familiar with Square Link. I run my credit card transactions through my credit card terminal and then enter them in QB manually similiar to how I would with a check. I don't use the online version, but I'm thinking about it. Especially if I don't have to purchase updated versions anymore. Is the $12 month for any limited customers or transactions?
  3. Moose's Mowing

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    I just signed up with them. the 12/month is the basic package. I went with the next one up which is 26/month. it has an iphone mobile app and intuit has their own version of square, its actually a bit cheaper too and directly interfaces with quickbooks somehow. I'm surfing around now trying to figure out the ins and outs. doesn't seem too hard so far but definitely does way more than I need it to to do. I bet I use 10% of the features, if that. I'm finding that I can pretty much trash my entire systems I've been using and just use my iphone to log completed jobs right in an invoice, bill directly from it, get paid directly from it, tag all my expenses, do my taxes, and I think it might even cook me breakfast and give me a BJ in the morning. it's free for 30 days so I figured I'd give it a shot. Their customer service is amazing so far too. they either actually are willing to help, or just wanted me to buy it. we'll see how good it really is next month but I've got high hopes
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    I've used QB online for over a year now & really enjoy it. All of my customers are on an as needed basis. They call, I enter their scheduled work date & print, nothing residual. I'm currently searching for an answer to how I can have all my QB accounts emailed or utilized by someone like Constant Contact with a promotional offer. I might be creating more of a chore for myself but there's always a stone left un-turned somewhere & I'm not outta the woods just yet.
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    I use the desk top version of QB premier contractor edition. I also use it to do payroll and pay / file my SUTA/ FUTA, SSI and FICA through it too. It was a bear to get the 940/941's set up. My CPA said I was very rare cause even she had issues. I forgot how I did not now but I had to get a special pin from the IRS to do it.

    Also lucky cause the CPA gave me access to one of her payroll licenses which I under stand is about $350.00 a year. She did just a good job training me, I have not had to use a QB Proadvisor or CPA in about 2 years now. I am still using her Payroll licenses however. :D
  6. ToddH

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    I am looking at a solution for that now. Check out Method CRM.

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