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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KenH, Aug 20, 2002.

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    you can run reports of anything you enter in QBs. What kind of reports are you needing. Are you using an accoutant for anything. Most accountants are familiar with this program and could show you the basics in an hour or two. If you would like to call me sometime I think I could talk you through some of your questions. You have a very powerful accounting program and from your posts you haven't even began to use it. If you need some help just let me know.
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    Hi Dennis-- Thank you for being so patient.

    I have an accountant who is telling me I cant do what I am trying to do. (But as you can see, I dont believe her)

    I have my accounts set up in the account register, where I enter work done at the end of each day. My biggest beef with QB is you cant print an invoice right off your account register.

    Someone above said just make up an estimate for each customer and at the end of the month just pull up this estimate and fill in the dates, work, etc. But my question is this....When you are filling out this invoice this way, you have to switch back and forth to see what work was done and on what dates. (Its impossible to do this from memory.)

    Someone else said to print out statements to use to send to the customer, but using this method you cant include sales tax.

    I do alot of different work for different customers, all with different pricing. Its very time consumong for me to have 25 different "shrub" items all with different prices. What I would like to do is have my customer account register on screen, and be able to put the info I see automatically into an invoice.....but I believe you cant do this.

    Thank you again for your time, and I know this is starting to get annoying...this will be my last post.
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    I'm not exactly sure where you are entering your information. You will not not be able to have your customer register and invoice on the screen at the same time. It was me who said make an estimate and create an invoice at the end of the month. We also have many customers at many different prices. This sytem works well for me. I enter my payroll on a weekly timesheet. (this can also be done on a daily timesheet). The information is entered which gives the customer name and what was done. At the end of the month I print a time activity detail report. This has all the information needed to complete invoices. You should be able to print a report of where your entering your information and it will have your dates and all information you need. You don't need to make this your last post. Lets work on this till you find a system that works for you. If you can tell me exactly what is says where you enter your information I can probably tell you what report you need.
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    We have tried several different billing methods over the years and this is the best way I have found. When we sign up a new client, I create an invoice for the amount we charge for that client. If the are on contract, I put that on the invoice with the appropiate monthly charge. If they are pay as you go, I put what each item cost and the decription I want, say mowing is $25, shrubs are $20, and so on, putting every service that we may do and the amount. I then memorize the invoice. You can then put when you want it to schedule it to automaticlly enter again and how many to remain, say 9 for a 9 month contract. Mine come up on the 1st of the month. I then enter all the dates throughout the month as services are performed, print them on the last day of the month and start over again on the first for the next month. I hope all that is of some help to someone :rolleyes:


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