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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sgl41377, Dec 16, 2006.

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    I bought Quickbooks Pro about 5 months ago. I really liked it at first, used a lot of the features. Now it seams I am having some technical issues. I called Intuit and they wanted nearly $300 to talk to someone from tech support. I told them, NO WAY. I didnt think I should pay to get a tech support. They said I had 30 days free when I registered the product. Who needs tech support the first 30 days? My problem is that when I do my invoices and continue to print my envelopes, I get an error message and cannot print my #10 envelopes. This is frustrating. Any help is appreciated.
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    For that price you can purchase another version and get the free 30 day tech support!
  4. Roger

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    Can you elaborate further on the error message?

    Do I understand you are printing a plain page invoice, and then following it with a #10 envelope printing? Is there a reason you are not using window envelopes, and placing the name, address, etc so that it shows through the window? The templates do include this layout, and the box location for the addressee is located in the right place. But, it can be moved to fit your needs.

    The window envelope method would be quicker and less cumbersome than the two-step approach you are using.

    As a side note, I DID use the tech support during the 30 day window, and often. After I got myself up and running well during those first 30 days, I have not needed the tech support. I attempted to utilize all features I would need, so that no additional problems would need answers at a later date. My approach was to do all the learning during my off-season, when I had much extra time, and be fully ready to go when my heavy work started. No, I was not completely successful in my approach, but did get most of the procedures worked out early.

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    Skip printing the envelopes entirely. The invoices are already set upfor the window envelopes so you just fold it backwards w/the name showing and stick it in the evelope. You can also customize your invice and use your logo and address and put it in a double window envelope and you don't have to print any envelopes at all, just fold and stamp. Sorry,no help with your tech problem
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    Ditto...The fastest and only way to go. You'll save printer ink and lots of time.
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    Same here - skip the printing - save ink and money. I did that at first but it didn't do a good job. Also check out the link above - that is a good site.
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    Make sure you are up to date on updates and service packs from QB. That solved a lot of my tech issues.

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