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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ealbertson, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. ealbertson

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    Is there anyway in QB that you can have custom invoices per customer. In other words we repeatedly do the same service for the same price week after week with an occasional change. Is there anyway to set it up so by entering the customer's name all the information (service, cost for that particular customer etc..) that does not change will be automatically filled in. Then leaving things like the date as the only mod needed. I know this would save a lot of time.

    Take care and thanks, Ed
  2. Roger

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    You should be able to make a template that is unique for every customer. You can make boxes in the "description" and "amount" columns with predetermined information. Also, the name/address, etc could in that template.

    I make monthly invoices and make an entry for each visit. Each entry has date, description, and amount. Usually, my monthly invoice looks the same from month to month (I think this is what you are saying), except the date changes for each entry. If you filled in the description and amounts in the template, you would still have to add the date of service (if that is part of your invoice). The invoice is filed away. The next week, I open the existing invoice and edit the contents, adding a second entry (all other information was done a week ago). The third visit means opening the existing invoice, and adding a third entry, and so forth. At the end of the month, the invoice is printed for mailing.

    When I start the next month, I draw up a new template with the title of the new month, and start over again. I am sending out one invoice per month, will all charges for that month itemized as a separate entry for each visit, or type of work (e.g. same day, cut grass, trim bushes, leaf removal, etc).

    I use a standard template for each month. That template has the title at the top, such as "June Invoice," but all other fields are variable. I start an invoice after the first visit of the month, filling in the "date of invoice" to be the last day of the month. The "terms" for the customer (in my case, Net 15 days) will determine the entry in the "date due" field -- the template will calculate that date for me. The entry for that visit includes date of service, description, and amount. The date needs to be put in manually (why there is no choice of "today" I don't know - hoping for that feature). But, the other fields can be entered via a "memorized transaction." Either it will be a generic entry, such as GC45, which means "Grass cutting" for the description, and $45.00 for the amount. Or, it can be tailored to the customer, such as TSmith. The TSmith memorized transaction will fill in the "Grass cutting" and "amount" fields that are part of the memorized transaction.

    I know some folks have such regular schedules that they can group memorized transactions. If they cut grass for eight customers today, they can use a grouping that includes all eight customers, and all the entries will be made for each of the eight invoices. In those cases, I think they are making statements for mailing at the end of the month, picking up all outstanding invoices for that month. They never send an invoice, rather a statement. [another topic for another day, statement vs. invoice]

    Last year, I spent time in the off-season, and created invoice templates with a tear-off for returning with payment. The top two-thirds of the 8.5X11 page is for the customer, the bottom third is torn/cut off and enclosed in a #9 window envelope. I am able to put my name for the window, and the customer's name for return address in the upper right window. Information on the right states the invoice being paid, and the amount. This eliminated people paying an labor/materials amount, less the sales tax. Now, the amount due is plainly stated right beside where there check number is written. That helped that problem.

    I hope something in here helps with your question.
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    Under items type in what ya want it to say. Then pull up there name and just clik that item.
  4. ealbertson

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    First of all I want to thank you for taking all that time for your reply. The answer for my question came in the memorzed transaction. What I am going to write probably won't be new to you but I think may help someone else. By using the memorzed transaction feature, once I get an invoice template setup for each customer, all I need to do is press: control T, high light the customers name in the list, and then click on enter transaction at the bottom of the page. If the work was done that day I don't have to change a thing. It's done. To figure out how to set this up in QuickBooks click on help and then select index, next type in, memorized transaction, and everything you need is right there. This is going to save me a lot of time over the season.
    Thanks again Roger. I really appreciate your time on this.
    God bless you and your family,
  5. Roger

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    I'm glad my reply was of some help. QB has so many features, but they take some time to learn, and to be efficient. For those folks with accounting backgrounds, and those who do this stuff all day, every day, many of these features become common-place. But, for those of us who do many other things every day during the season, and are just looking for a quick, easy way to be sure we can get a piece of paper to the customer telling them what to pay, we have to struggle a bit.

    Your post includes some good information for others who may be getting started and aren't quite as fluent in the use of QB. These procedures take some learning and time to get down pat so they are easily used when the days are long and tiring with our other work.
  6. echeandia

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    You can memorize a transaction in QuickBooks. Then in subsequent months you can choose the memorized transaction, invoice in your case, and generate a new one. It will have the customer and services you originally memorized along with the new date. If you need to edit it you can.
  7. gene gls

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    How did you go about adding the " tear off " section to the bottom of your invoice? I have spent several hours and have gotten no where. This program is mind boggling. I was hoping to use it this year but there is too much to learn and change for my use. I will spend this year getting it set up for next year. Also, I wanted to use my invoice the same way as you do, one per month per customer. But was told by a CPA that Quick Books will not track everything properly to be used in the reports section. Have you had any issues with the info tracking when doing you reports? Thanks for your time.
  8. AztlanLC

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    Don't let you cpa run QB the way they run theirs, we have specific needs and have to do things our way, there is no problem creating one invoice monthly for customers and keep tracking information.
    I have a custom invoice with a tear off as well if you want pm me and I send you the file that you can upload to QB
  9. TreePro

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    Could you send me a copy of that template. - treeproincky at aol dot com
  10. uwuhoo

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    Hi, if you would can you send me a copy of the QB invoice you created with the tear off area? Thanks in advance, please send to uwuhoo at yahoo dot com

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