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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Roger, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I just started to use QB a couple of months ago, and have used it for odd jobs. My primary work is mowing and am now using it daily for recording mowing work. The recording goes easily and quickly, but I am unable to get reports for the daily work being done.

    I develop my invoices for 'end of the month' billing. The date on the invoice is April 30. The entries on the invoices are the date of the work the mowing was done. All the reports I've been able to develop are based upon the invoice date, not the date of the service.

    Also, I want to know numbers of task. For example, I want to know how many 'grass cutting' tasks were done this week, the total sales from that work, and the average. I also wish to know that for each day, and for the month.

    The previous record keeping system I used (Quicken, with my own programs) all gave me this information. I presumed that QB with the extensive capability would do likewise. But, I can't seem to make the reports I am seeking. If I can't do it in QB, then I will have to develop a separate database to develop the reports I am seeking and I hope to avoid doing this extra work.

    When I embarked on the QB journey, I thought I was going to save time. But, the huge amount of time to setup and now seeing I can't get out what I want, I beginning to believe I made a mistake.
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    Go to repors and drop down to sales then drop down to "sales by item detail"
  3. Roger

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    This does not give me a list of what was done "today." The reporting seems to key on the invoice date, but there is no way to get reports just based upon service date.

    My invoices are created upon first work of the month, with an end-of-month date on them. But, the entries for work completed have the work-date. For me, such a list is a confirmation that I have entered my daily data correctly. I am a small operator and only have 6-8 entries per day. Most entries are weekly (same entry, same day of the week, each week), but some are not. I jot down my work on a notepad to help me generate a journal, so I have a written list to compare by QB data.

    My interest is in a couple of areas:
    1. Daily cross-check (as described above), daily sales total.
    2. The daily 'cost/cut' average.
    3. Weekly list of every job worked, sales, and 'cost/cut' average.
    4. Monthly list ....

    I have always had this information from my previous programs and am looking for the same out of QB. Maybe I'm expecting too much and will have to keep a separate database of data to develop my own reports. Ugh...
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    OK, I don't know if this will help or not but. When you do a report, be it sales or expenses, you can use the same "Form" date and "To" date and it will give you everything you entered for that day only. If you want it by the week then use the date your week starts and the date your week ends. Same for month. If you want to play with the numbers some more, you can export it to Excel. Build a workbook in excel and you don't have to enter the info twice.

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