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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Roger, May 12, 2005.

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    I'm a solo operator with about 45 accounts. In past years, I have used my own home-grown software for accounting and invoicing, based around Quicken records. The process takes time and I'm the only one who has any clue how to make it work.

    This season, I've really struggled to keep my records going and current, getting out invoices. In the off-season, I looked at QuickBooks, with intentions of getting the setup done when I was not busy. Now, I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators with outside work, and buried with the admin stuff. It isn't getting done on a timely manner.

    My question is simple: With about 45 accounts, information for each account, past work records, etc all available in some format that I can manipulate for importing, how long might it take to get up and running under QuickBooks?

    I know I was not smart by taking care of this in the off-season, but I thought I could manage with my old scheme. My wife was working with me nearly full-time in the past, but this season she is only working a few hours per day, some days not at all. This means I'm stretched out too thin with the daily workload. This is my very busiest time of the year, and I should not be taking time to change record keeping. But, I fear I will be saddled with the overload on the admin side for the entire season. I have no help for this part.

    I've considered hiring out all the admin work, but I don't feel good about paying somebody else to do what I can do myself -- IF I can get it done efficiently.

    Any thoughts? But, my specific question is about setup time. I realize everybody works differently. My skills with packaged software is probably better than average (not being boastful here - just experience from a "former life").

    Or, maybe somebody has a different solution to my problem....

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    why don't you pay someone get you set up and then you can run it from there......
    My accountant set up my Quickbooks initially....now it is in the exact format he uses when he does my taxes.....

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    I've been a qb user for a long time, so it seems easy to me now. I'd say that the company setup takes maybe an hour, at the most. If you follow the interview, the software basically sets itself up for you. It suggests accounts that you would most often use in this business. The biggest pain is adding customers. But even at that, it's simply data entry. All you really need for now is their info and you can go from there for the rest of the season without adding any kind of history, etc.

    Getting used to it might take a while. I hear a lot of people complain about qb, but it seemed pretty natural for me. I use statements, not invoices, and doing it that way you basically keep a ledger like a check book for charges and activities. They have a forum on the qb site as well for questions you might have.

    I'd estimate at the most, a couple of days of playing around with it to get the hang of it. Since you did your own software it might not be as hard to get used to it for you.

    Good luck.
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    I did the same thing last year about this time of year. setting up the Co. wasn't that bad. Bring all your past business for this year up to date will take a little time. I don't remember it being overwhelming. You wouldn't need to do it all in one days time. It sure is worth the effort.
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    Hi Roger,

    Here is a forum for quickbooks users.

    Hope this helps.

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