Quickbooks Vs. LawnPro & Other Programs

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Dempsey7, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I know Quickbooks is more difficult and more expensive but is it worth it? I've used it through a retail business before and it wasn't too hard to learn. Does it do your taxes and everything for you? I know it can do invoices, payroll, etc. I've heard you can set it up for a "lawn" specific business. Also, I know there are a few different kinds of quickbooks, is this the quickbooks accounting? Or should I just got with one of the other lawn programs? Thanks
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    I just finished installing and updating QB pro. I am really going to have to get used to it. I used Quicken last year because I already had it, and it was much easier to use. (So far). Sorry I cant really help you right now with this, I just thought it was funny that I just finished the install and you brought it up.

    I saw a commercial the other day that said you can be up and running in 25 minutes. lol.....LOL 2 hours later I finished the install and tutorials. I do recommend reading the manual and watching there videos if you use it.
  4. Dempsey7

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    haha i've been there before lol. thanks and good luck
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    i have been useing realgreen for 3 years now and it does about evertthing you can imagine.
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    I use quickbooks for payroll and basic accounting and Gopher for my customer management. Quickbooks just didn't have the features Gopher has for day to day management of my clients. Gopher imports to quickbooks for my accountant.
    I don't have any expierence with the other programs. I used quickbooks my first year and had a heck of a time with invoicing, it just took too long.

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