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    Does anyone know how to put cash into your checking account through Quickbooks? I mean as far as the Payee and account in which you are depositing it to. Also, when you pay cash for something, and you want to apply that to your "Office Supplies" account. How would you mark this as a cash expense?
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    I keep all of my cash receipts for awhile and then write myself a check to cash. I split the check to all the proper accounts and keep the receipts together and mark the check number on the bundle of receipts.
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    go to banking and click 'make deposits' its that easy, fill out the window. what version you using?

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    In QuickBooks Basic, when you select receive payments to post to an invoice, you may select a payment method as Cash. Then use the Make Deposits function like daveyo posted. We have a Petty Cash account set up just like our Checking Account process in QB.
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