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Hello All-<p>I know a lot of you use Quickbooks Accounting Software. So do I (QB Pro 99). I'm an accountant during the day and a lawncare/landscape business owner on the nights and weekends (hope to go full time in the next few years). It's one of the best times of the year &quot;tax time) (ha ha ha) and if anyone needs any help with the program just email me @ Greenkeepers@hotmail.com and I'll be happy to give all the help that I can. I'm not saying that I know everything but I'll sure give it my best shot!!!!!! And no question is a dumb one, because odds are everyone else is wondering too....<p>Happy New Year<br><p>----------<br>Mike Biskup<br>Greenkeepers Lawn & Landscape


You should post something like a FAQ's. Stuff the new guy's will ask. I am looking for a new way to do my accounting so I might just go and buy this software if it will help.<p>Thanks.


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Im intersted in examples of how others have set up their invoices. Feel free to email to me. I use the standard format but changed slightly, always looking to improve it.<p>Bill


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I use Quikbooks pro 99 and have my invoices and statments printed at a company called NEBS, They have a few to choose from and they are compatible with Quickbooks. These come out looking very pro. and are pre printed with your co. name and logo. NEBS phone # is 1-800-225-9540 or www.nebs.com good luck.<br>Chris<br>


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I used to use NEBS too, and they are very nice looking. But why spend the money? You can have Kinko's scan you color logo for $10 and QBooks will print it in color and everthing. I've totally redesigned the invoices (2 modes- snow & lawn/landscape) and 3 different types of quote forms - lawn, snow & landscape. <br>All these forms print professionally with logo on plain paper.


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i use qbooks and clip also.i wish clip would offer just the scheduling by itself.i haven't learned how to back up in clip yet.<br>


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I'm am new on the pc and trying to set up my business on quickbooks a lot of this stuf might as well be in foreign language any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU<p>----------<br>Dale moonarrow@hotmail.com<br>Southern lawn and Landscape

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