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    Quickbooks Pro would be great choice, cost is about $290.00 at Office max or Office Depot.

    If you are trying to save money set up your own system with a $20.00 money program and a spreadsheet program.

    Sounds like your a small business without employees ( sorry if I am wrong) but email me if you have any questions.

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    IF you don't have employees and a need for payroll USE QUICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I started out with Microsoft Money 1999. Upgraded to Microsoft Business 2001. I liked it. My accountant didn't. He had me try Quick Books Pro 2001. I like it more and more as I get use to it. It is hard to take full advantage of all Quick Books can do for you at first. I expect by the end of this season I will have a handle on it. My accountant is QB certified that helps and I love that link provided by Hamons (Thank you by the way). Two things I thought of : First I would recommend picking your software with the long term in mind. An example of what I am thinking about happened to day. I needed to see if an alternator I had bought for the dump truck was under warranty. The file was in Microsoft Moneys format. My computer has enough power to have both Microsoft Money and Quick Books loaded at the same time so it is not a problem for me to open old files. Do you see where I am going with this? Once you make your choice should you change your mind later say you out grow the first choice you may regret it. I do. Second I don't know if Quicken will work with programs like Clip or QXpress or not but I have tried the demos of both and will be getting one sometime soon. They are both very impressive programs you might want to check them out before making you decision.
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    We just bought QB Pro a couple of days ago. I have a couple of questions for those of you already using the program and know it pretty well.

    1. During set up would it be better to select service company or contractor if you're both lawn and landscape?

    2. Pointers on setup? Do's and don'ts?

    I want to make sure I set this thing up the right way from the beginning.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I set my up as a service company. Most of the setup can be changed after it completed.

    Just make sure you make time to completely get all of your fields setup correctly after your install. Take a few days to read the manual

    Good luck

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    :D :D This is one MAJOR reason I love this site!!!!!!:D :D

    Hamons:: Thanks for the link.
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    If your company does more service type things like mowing and cleanups. than you should set it up as a service type business, However if you do a lot of contractor type of installs, and you need to itemize what you are installing then you may want to set it up as a contractor. I have two businesses,one is mainly service and the other is a contractors supply store, we also sell to the public, and the only difference that i see in the setups is QB's lets me have a pretty good inventory system and the invoices are set to default to a retail looking one. Either one you choose play around with the sample company thats included in it until you get used to it, or you could cause your accountants hair to to turn Grey.

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