Quickest way to green up St.Augustine?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Jan 7, 2012.

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    J - Everything you mention sounds like someone who did not know what they were doing to when the overseeded the lawns. one 50lb bag of rye seed can do as little as 5 K of turf or as much as a acre. The choice is yours.
    If done lightly you can add color back into the landscape without overcoming the primary turf.
    Even in circumstances where it has been heavily overseeded....the turf does fight back in the spring as the Rye melts away. The Rye for what its worth will add OM back into your soil too. Never a bad thing.
    The thickness depends on you.
    Here is the situation we are facing up here. Lawns are burnt and crispy. The are browner than hell. Now we can look at brown lawns - or we can paint them for what that is worth I guess, however a light overeeding will allow for a color at a higher profit margin. I would also guess that something growing in the lawn will be good to fill all those decayed voids - as if let to do it on her own - mother nature is going to fill it in with weeds.

    By the way - No matter or Professional IPM Fert and Squirt Program is going to save a southern turf grass from temps experienced in the north. We mowed about 12 lawns this week out of the whole client base. It did not matter who cared for the lawn - what mattered most was the lawns exposure. Corner lots are the worst and interior lots are better.

    Not sure what all the spray guys are out doing now. Seen some putting down Atrazine....seen others spraying the whole lawn - I would assume Fe or micro packages. Either way they are all out in full force...doing something to the lawn to justify there bill I am guessing.
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    I've never done it, just seen the results. It could be that results are different further north, I honestly don't know. Based on what I have seen here, I don't think I'd recommend it. Don't believe it makes sense to introduce what I consider to be non-desirable grasses into a pedigree St. Augustine lawn.

    We've had really good success so far with a good IPM program and timely slow release fertilizer applications.

    As far as painting the lawn is concerned... really?

    Again, it's just my opinion; I'm not trying to jam it down anybodies throat. *trucewhiteflag*
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    I seeded mine the other day - in 7 days I will know what I need to recover if any - I went pretty light overall - the areas where there was crabgrass that died - I went a little heavier in those wholes. We will see.

    I think the biggest issue to be concerned about is the thickness of the application - to much will take resource from the SA for sure - a light overseed however will just add a hint of color. As far as long term effects - there should be none - it will die as soon as the weather gets warm again and it shall not return.

    Painting I have not seen up close and personal where I appreciated it yet. I maybe able to be changed from that point of view - but for me - the cost of rye will be a heck of a lot cheaper and the results will last a lot longer.
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    I hope not just in time for an agressive freeze... :p
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    It should not bother the rye :cool::cool:
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    William the OP is operating in my back lawn (ORLANDO) so I doubt his properties look much different ...taking into account exposure of the property etc etc...they will look similar. As you will see there will not be much difference what you put on the turf now or if what kind of IPM you following....frost like we had WILL make your SA go dormant or semi dormant at the least and of course you will have some tissue damage as seen in these photos when it is as bad as it was here.

    Frost Damage 1.jpg

    Frost Damage 2.jpg

    Frost Damage 3.jpg

    Frost Damage 4.jpg

    FROST DAMAGE 5.jpg

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    Here is something to review.

    The next photos are of Floratam and Palmetto. Floratam for what it is worth, gets a bad rap in my opinion and people want something different even though it does well overall in our environment.....however Palmetto which matches up with it on the color scale despite what IFAS says and can not be told apart from floratam once established....is MORE cold tolerant as evidenced by IFAS literature as well as can be seen in the following photos. We had a discussion on which SA cultivator we use and why.....I said Palmetto cause of the recent cold snaps we have over the last few years and how it blends well with Floratam...here you go.

    The first photo is Floratam on the Left, Palmetto on the right side of the lawn - which held up better against the frost? :) The second photo is same with Floratam being the furthest from your viewing angle. :) Third photo is a close up of the Floratam and the last photo is a close up of the Palmetto. All these photos taken from the same lawn in the same location (front lawn full southern exposure) .

    Left Side Floratam Right Side Palmetto.jpg

    Palmetto vs Flortam.jpg

    Floratam Up Close.jpg

    Close up of Palmetto.jpg
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    I got a bunch of people who'd be screaming for more water if their lawns browned out like that; :mad:
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    Believe me we got those type here that thinking that water will revive it to green. I got a call this Friday from a new client....wanted me to come measure her lawn for sod as it "is all dead". If I did not have ethics I would be installing a lawn for this lady right now. It is funny how people think and come up with this stuff sometimes.
    As you can see - not a lot of mowing to be done up here right now!:) Well for me anyway...I see guys out there running over the top of this stuff....makes me wonder what the heck they are thinking. The commercial crews are even out and about running over HOA's .....one I watched a guy for a few minutes while I was at a stop light....there were 0 clippings coming out of the discharge chute however every once a while he would hit a piece of trash and that was the only indication that the blade was engaged.
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    Those guys are churn & burn... if we don't have to cut, we don't cut. We will spend time raking, pruning, spot spray the weeds, tidying up, etc. We'll always find enough things to do on the property to give the customer value.

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