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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by max1, May 31, 2008.

  1. max1

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    I am a homeowner with a 1/3 acre yard with some slopes. Using a 21 inch mower it took me about 45 minutes to get it done. In heavy spring growth - my mower would bog and stall. I started looking for a commercial mower with a larger deck/hp to save time and and effort. I ordered a Billy Goat then discovered Better Outdoor Products.

    I determined the 32 would suite me as the 36 wouldn't get through my gate. I called the company and spoke with Tommy for an expert opinion and to talk about the machine. He was extremely helpful and when I explained my situation he suggested the 32 Ninja. He said the 32's Hydro would keep the machine under control on the slopes. I had some reservations about pull starting a 15 hp kawi - Tommy assured me it wouldn't be a problem. I placed my order with Tommy and canceled the Billy Goat.

    I had it delivered to my house as the pick up location was about 70 miles one way. It took me about 30 minutes to unpack it and prep for mowing. looking it over, it is obvious that it is an extremely well built machine.

    I opted for the gator blades and mulching kit. Installed the blades in about 5 minutes (plate was already on). Then I read the manual cover to cover.

    She started with one pull and off I went. It took me 15 minutes to mow front and back!

    The grass was cut very fine with no clumping. The mower was really easy to maneuver and turn. It handled the slopes - no problem. The hand controls are great and I felt no fatigue while manipulating them. It also stripped the yard real nice.

    Bottom line - this machine is exceptionally well built. If you are a commercial operation and are using a 21 because of gates - this machine should fit and will cut your times substantially. If you are a home owner with a large yard, this machine is very easy to operate and produces great results.

    Thanks BOP and Tommy for a great product and outstanding service.
  2. Ducati996

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    Love the dang thing to death :) your review is perfect cant add anything to it, and bought the 32" because of smaller gates.

  3. Edwardsville IL.PLS

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    Nice mower!I have alot of accts. with fenced-in back yards sure would be nice to have one.Right now I'm having to use a 21".If you don't mind me asking how much do they run cost wise?
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I thought the 15Kaw was a workhorse on my Quick 36 Ninja. Put that baby on a 32 and nothing would stop it. And, I agree, it is an extremely easy pull start. One or two pulls every time, mostly non-choked. I am very glad I did not order a model with a battery....
  5. Grits

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    But you are a homeowner that has used nothing but 21" mowers. What else have you used to compare it to?
  6. J&J Customs

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    well this just might be my next buy i have several yards that are too small for a 48" rider and just to big for a 21" a 32" hydro sounds great does anyone run a sulky with a quickie 32 or even the 36" model?
  7. jameson

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    Right here!

    We've used the Step-Saver w/our Q36 and yes, it has pulled my 6'1" 230Lb carcass around without missing a beat.
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    True, I've never used or owned a walk behind before. I have owned tractors which I used on a five acre farm my family owned - so I'm pretty familiar with farm machinery and small engines. This machine is top quality - no question. I have no doubt it would hold up to commercial use.
  9. bill8379

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    Then explain to me why a Quick 32 is wider then my Toro 36? and the toro won't fit through most of my gates.

    And, since you're a sponsor, how come you can't even fix the handle grips?
  10. max1

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    BOP lists the width of the 32 as 34.5" - I don't know the width of your 36. I have the mulch plate on and have no problems getting through my gates.

    In regards to the grip fix, I have read post about the grips sliding off - is this what you are referring to? My grips seem to have some type of adhesive which causes them to stick to the handle bar - and they have not come off.

    And lastly, I am not a sponsor nor am I connected, associated, related, or employed to/by BOP in any way.

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