Quiestion for ECS and other lco's in a high tourist area

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by METRO 36, May 24, 2006.

  1. METRO 36

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    I operate in rapidcity south dakota, in the summer its crasy with traffic and then the sturgis motorcyle rally hits. The traffic is terrible most of the time the lco in that area dont even mow that week. Unless its a must, because you cant get around anywhere.

    SO my question is what do you guys that live in jackson hole wyoming, daytona florida,yellowstone area,and other popular destination do during the major rallies,july4 weekend etc.
  2. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    Well this yr we took a day off and went to the Cabbage Patch, for some Coleslaw wrestling. Lots of naked ladies parading around.
  3. rodfather

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    try dealing with it week in and week out in the most populated state in the country size wise :cry:
  4. Rhett

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    Welcome to my world. We schedule things around peak traffic hours. The one day that I work out of town, 5 whole miles, I know that I have to be done and on my way back to Destin by 1400. If I stay till 1430 instead of it taking 15 minutes to get home it can take 2 hours. Try to be done by 1500 in town as 98 loads up sending the traffic thru the residential streets. Many days all east west roads turn to parking lots till after 1700.
  5. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I take care of one resort in keystone sd, abought 3 acres rv park, camp ground,and the restraunt, playground,etc. The drive goes from 30 mins to 3 hours during the rally, I dont mind the summer traffic although its busy i get used to it, but during the rally it's just nuts, and on july fourth they have the fireworks at mount rushmore( which is awesome by the way) we the firewprks are going on everyone on vaction from maine to texas trys to get in and my town shuts down the red lights, and has cops operate the lights with switches. It's just nuts and in down town during the rally it's motorcyle parking only. but i would hate to have to try to work in jersey, newyork,chigago, dc,LA, etc.
  6. LindblomRJ

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    Makes me glad I live in Pierre. I grew up out there. Yeah its nuts. I always though of it as a lesson in patience. The official start of tourist season is when someone turns the wrong way down Main or ST Joe.

    I would rather drive in the Twin cities than Sioux Falls. The twin cities drivers seem to be better behaved than the Sioux Falls drivers. At least most of the drive to Keystone is on a 4 lane. You could take the "Old Keystone Road from Rockerville to Keystone (the back way) Granted it is a twisty road, but clear of the tourist (for the most part)
  7. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    the only problemwith the old keystone road is getting to rockerville during the rally,lol. When i read the part abought the official start of tourist season is when someone takes a wrong turn down main or saint joe, i spit my dr pepper all over my screen, that happened to me last year my truck looked awful funny on the sidewalk on main street while a 60 foot motorhome or bus,whatever you want to call it slowly drove bye like i wasnt even there.

    There where comeing my way and werent even slowing down.
  8. LindblomRJ

    LindblomRJ LawnSite Silver Member
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    If you can make it to the Reptile Gardens hang a left and cruise Neck Yoke RD. Three years ago during the rally a motorcycle almost "Janklowed" the stop sign where the truck by-pass and highway 79 meet up.

    Or take 79 to Hermosa and cruise up highway 40.

    Motorhome drivers scare me.
  9. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    thats a good idea but i wonder if it wouldnt be even better to go up 79 and cut across to heartranch and take neck yoke road from there. That would eliminate haveing to even get on highway 16, but the traffic might be lighter since they have the heartland express on now.
  10. Brianslawn

    Brianslawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    every day, here. area is poorly planed and you may sit an hour in traffic if someone has an accident. very few main routes and lots of neighborhoods got one way in and out of them.

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