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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Aug 21, 2011.


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    The headaches involved with two controllers aren't worth the savings. Especially since a MV is involved. I'd let him pay the additional cost over three months before i'd get him into a system with 2 controllers.
  2. GreenLight

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    The crosstalk part does concern me and im glad you brought that up. Based on the responses across the board, looks like im going to be breaking some bad news to the guy. I appreciate everyone's help on the matter, looks like im going up to the controller that can handle 18 zones, if he will go for it.
  3. Sprinkus

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    Use the Isolator if you have to connect two controllers to one master valve.
  4. mitchgo

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    How can you install the new controller on the opposite end of the house with out running wire from the existing system to the new controller's master valve?
    It seems you would still have to trench along the side of the house to extend the wiring.

    Why not use 1 controller... Maybe the Weathermatic SL 20 zone series?

    Offer to take the controller that he has off his hands for a $125-150 discount and sell the controller yourself
  5. GreenLight

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    In the original plan the master valve is on the existing system and is right behind manifold 1. then feeds back through the wall (3 feet) to the existing controller. The floor plan you see is a large basement and I was going to carry common and hot wire from the master valve back to the new controller through the basement ceiling. I have basically decided to scrap that plan and sell a 18 zone controller. The WM has a great price tag, but I have had a few issues with WM and NOBODY seems to carry them in my area so replacement parts always have to be ordered (I also don't have a remote for the wm which is really my way of saying no.) I have basically gotten to the point of "if I don't have a remote for your product, im not installing it". It worked for me with RB and Hunter!
  6. bcg

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    I would never have even offered the option of 2 controllers, I'd have just said we'll need to change this one out. By the time you figure in the cost of the isolator and the hassles of trying to keep 2 controllers from running at the same time, etc., etc. there really is no savings. Remember, he's going to have to deal with those headaches a long time after he forgets about the money he "saved."
  7. Wet_Boots

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    You can probably get most any brand of controller, for 18 zones or more, in the same price range. Irritrol's Total Control is less than $300 from Sprinkler Whorehouse.
  8. Waterlogged

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    I wouldn't do two controllers, if you can help it. I would install one controller, to eliminate the problem of two controllers talking to each other. Even though you ran a new wire to the master valve, you are still connecting the two controllers together.
    I'm strictly a RainBird guy, but, the newly designed LXME has issues. I recently installed one of the new LXME"s. Seven of the 24 zones did not work. I could switch wires around and get them to work. I took the controller back to exchange it.
    I was talking to my account mgr at my wholesaler and he started telling me about the issues with the newly designed LX. Apparently it runs the zones according to the length of the run times. It doesn't run in zone number order.
    I couldn't put that controller up at my commercial property because I couldn't have the zones around the building come on at any time, when the controller thought they should, instead of in the order and the time that I wired them to.
    Just want to give you a heads up before you put up an LXME and find out the changes the hard way. It's my understanding that RainBird is working on this issue.
    I was able to find the last old style modular LX in our area and I put that up.
  9. Wet_Boots

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    Looks like a Hunter I-Core would be a good deal, especially as it comes in an outdoor case, with a built-in remote connector.
  10. GreenLight

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    The I-core looks like the direction I will be going, I will explain in a follow up post.

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