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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundKprs, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. GroundKprs

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    OK, time for another wacko contest. How does Jim get this driveway edge to look like the left side of the bucket?

    The pavement is about 1" above the soil, and mowing is done perpendicular to the drive, so there is a ragged edge. My answer is to modify a common piece of equipment, in such a way that anyone can do this the first day on the job - no special expertise needed. Sorry, trimmer, it's not a string trimmer. (BTW , I used to think it would be fun to have trimmer contests at some events. Maybe tack a bunch of balloons to the ground, and see who could trim closest to his balloon without popping it. Then I saw trimmer's work on this forum. Forget any contest!)

    This really is a nice lawn, disregard the colors - me and camera don't get along. Will give my answer Friday evening, unless someone guesses it sooner.

    how to 2.jpg
  2. Floridalandcare

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  3. Mykster

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    Move the bucket.
  4. TLS

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    I guess I just don't get it?

    I would simply mow parallell to the drive FIRST, and then mow perpendicular.

    If thats not it, then I just dont understand what you are asking?

    Please clarify!

  5. Guido

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    What are you talking about? You've got me puzzled, probobly because I don't understand the question?

    Please clarify for the dumb in me! :)
  6. GroundKprs

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    Sorry, if your cutting deck is outside your wheelbase, blades will overhang the drive and cut it level. But with smaller machines, where the wheelbase and deck width are the same, I often see guys going along the concrete walk or drive with a string trimmer to level the turf - and they usually wind up scalping it. Even when you run parallel to the walk or drive with one of these machines, the grass right at the edge is 1" (or whatever the pavement height) higher than the rest of the lawn. This tends to look scraggled from a distance view, with the pavement in the background. Especially in new lawns, where the turf surface should be set 3/4" below pavements, this can be an aesthetic problem.

    The human eye is drawn to interfaces (borders). No matter how well the lawn is mowed, forgetting to trim around a tree or along a fence will make the job look poor, even though that was way less than 1% of the work done. When you make sure that these interfaces are not imperfect to the subconscious, you can present a better picture of your work on each site.

    I'll hope this pic looks better.

    how to better.jpg
  7. MOW ED

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    That pic is trimmed so well it looks like you used a straight edge on it.
  8. TLS

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    Thats EXACTLY why deck offset/overhang is SO very important! Purchase the proper mower, and this just isn't a problem.

    So, I guess because I have the proper equipment, I failed the QUIZ? :eek:

    GUIDO.....Your Back! :cool:
  9. Southern Lawns

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    Hey! Is Carlos moonlighting for you Jim?
    Carlos works with me. Is the smoothest man I have ever seen with equipment. He trims as level as mowers cut. Period!
    As far as the trimmer contest, whats the prize? New trimmer?
    I'll match him to anyone!:D We could always use a new trimmer:p

    In case Carlos ever decides to leave us, I'll need to know your answer. I'll tune in Friday.
  10. Southern Lawns

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    As you mentioned eyes are drawn to the interfaces.
    The way we trim out a lawn for service is similiar to painting a room. We edge all edges (walks,drives,roadfront and beds) and trim all edges as well. Then we mow the interior. May take a moment or two longer but it sure gives the property the (gone the extra mile) manicured look.

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