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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ohmaffew, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. ohmaffew

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    from NC
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    I'm looking to purchase a Scag Cheetah with the 34 horse Kohler with either the 61" or 72" deck. From his email here is what he quoted me:
    SCZ61V-34CV Cheetah 61 inch Kohler 34 $10,714.77 cash price.
    SCZ72V-34KH Cheetah 72 inch Kohler 34 $11,180.68 cash price.

    Couple questions. What do you guys think about the prices? What is the differance between the Kohler 34CV and the 34KH?

    I still can't decide between the 61 or 72" deck. This is for my home where I am currently mowing 8+/- acres with a 48" walk behind with a sulky/velkie. I was leaning towards the 72" but, I started listing out the cons and now I'm thinking the 61 would be better for me. The 72 won't fit in my storage building because the door is too narrow (the 61 will fit) and will have to take up garage space. My yard is fairly flat but, it ain't a golf course. I think scalping is going to be a problem with the 72"

    What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
  2. ztman

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    I mow about the same amount and went with the 61" for the same reasons you are considering. I can store the 61" inside, limited scalping, and can get in between trees better. I have no regrets not getting the 72". I went with the fx921 as an engine choice. I cannot comment on the Kohler.
    The prices quoted are reasonable. You can probably find one for a few hundred cheaper, but if its a good local dealer, go for it.
    Good luck.
  3. Ridin' Green

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    The CV is the Command vertical shaft. The CH is the Command horizontal shaft engine. Never heard of the KH. It isn't shown anywhere on their site that i can find either-

    http://www.kohlerengines.com/onlinecatalog/serieslanding.htm?series=Courage PRO

    I think way too much of a deal is made over scalping with 72" decks, but it seems to me that you have already answered your own question if your storage building door is too narrow for the 72" deck to fit through. You can cut that much land on a 61" machine plenty fast enough, especially if you're a HO.
  4. MRCo.

    MRCo. LawnSite Member
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    KH = CH typo on Scag site? Id say the 61 so you can store it. At Cheetah speeds you will have no upsets about how fast you finish!

    Where in NC are you?
  5. ohmaffew

    ohmaffew LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm in Elon.
  6. MRCo.

    MRCo. LawnSite Member
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    Ah, mid state. I'm up in the mountains. Prices inc. tax?
  7. ohmaffew

    ohmaffew LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    Tax not included in the quoted prices.
  8. Glenn Lawn Care

    Glenn Lawn Care LawnSite Silver Member
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    Are those prices just for the mower, no bagger or anything?
  9. ohmaffew

    ohmaffew LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    Yes, just the mower.
  10. puppypaws

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    If you ever own and operate a closed-loop efi engine such as Kohler offers, believe me you will hate the thoughts of owning a carburetored engine ever again.

    Our temperature got to 65° on Monday of this week so I decided I would start my mowers and let them run for a while. One is a 72" decked mower with the 35 hp Kawasaki engine, the other is 66" decked mower with a Kohler efi engine.

    I was beginning to believe the Kawasaki was not going to start, with full choke the engine turned over 20+ times before firing and then immediately died. I started it with full choke once again and when it fired I immediately took it down to half choke, at which I let it run for approximately 1 min. before removing the choke entirely. The engine ran rough but once I eased the throttle up to about 3/4's it smoothed out considerably. I walked over to the fuel injected engine, turn the key and the engine immediately started after a couple revolutions and was running as if it was 80° and the mower was started 10 min. beforehand.

    There is a difference as with night and day in the way a closed-loop efi engine starts in all temperatures, how smoothly it runs, how much more responsive it is to load, actually feeling as if it has additional hp above its rating, and the fuel economy is by far much better. In all honesty, I have no idea of why all mower engines aren't fuel injected with a normal carburetor setup being so inferior in comparison.

    I think it to be pretty simple when thinking about moving back to a standard carburetor setup versus the fuel injected system we now run on our vehicles. The carburetored mower engines should follow the path of the dinosaur into extinction, that is how far advanced fuel injection is to a carburetor.

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