Quote help please.


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Greenville, SC
I specialize in mowing, not seeding or sodding but I have a potential customer that I'd like to get but I need some help with a quote. Here are the facts:

1000 total sq ft
300 sq ft of the 1000 has never seen grass, only dirt and leaves.
Total shaded area, irrigation system installed.
700 sq ft is fescue, but is brown for the most part from lack of rain and/or other factors.

The customer obviously wants nice green lawn. This is his backyard. I want to quote him on sodding the dirt area or seeding as well as any other steps needed to take to make his lawn nice. Thanks for any help.


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Central Jersey
Okay. Ready....

(1) Calculate all of the costs involved. If you don't know them make an educated guess. Refer to this site for any specific questions you may have.

(2) Derive a number that would be the amount of profit your would like to make from the job.

(3) Add (1) and (2).

you now have your quote.