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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PlatinumLandCon, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Whats funny is, most people are just starting to work their way up the corportate later by age 30.

    Me and you todd should be pretty well off by age 30. Then we can start to live our 20s!
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    Why buy anything you can rent? an aerator will not truly be making money until year three or four unless you run it every day.

    I would go talk with an accountant or call a local small business coach.

    See if there is anything at the Chamber of commerce to help you. talk to these people http://www.score.org/ you'll learn a lot.

    Trust me the stupidest thing you can do is buy equipment and look for jobs. Look for jobs then buy the equipment when you spend more renting it than buying it. Last year I spent 10k renting a skid this year we bought one had I purchased it before I knew I had all the work making it through the winter would be tough.
  3. PatriotLandscape

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    I'm in the same boat I have spent most of my time working and growing and trying not to lose my shirt but when I am in my 30's I should be able to goof of while others are just starting their career. It's really funny when you think about it.
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    Ahh the pleasure of 505 American horses:cool2:

    Seriously though, I think I'll seriously consider your suggestions. There's ads in the local paper for landscape laborers and that sort of thing so I think I'll give them a call. My uncle also knows a few people that own landscaing companies so I'll have to speak to him.

    This winter I want to do residential plowing to pay for my truck and then really work my @$$ off next summer to be able to really take off in '09.

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