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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TUCCI L&L, May 24, 2001.

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    Hey everyone. This is the question. A lady I know wants me to do a detailed yard remodel job. sod, about a total of 40 square feet. tear out 2 dead trees( 15-20 feet tall) and put in new ones. rip out a chainlink fence. plant new flowers all over the place , too many plants to count. tear out old groundcover. etc. etc.

    Now on a job like this would I charge per hour plus materials,and how much per hour. Or by each itemized detail, say $300 for the sod,$300 for tearing out and putting in the trees, $500 for all the new flowers,etc.etc. or such(Not actual pricing, just an example) .

    Any knowledgable response would sure help. So far this site has been like having a best friend who has been doing this business all his life, I personally cannot tell people,enough about this site. Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciateed.

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    Is she furnishing the sod, trees, and flowers or are you?
    How big are the trees that you are tearing out?
    I think that I would have to go by the hour on the tear out as you probably do not know exactly what kind of time frame you are looking at with each project. Some trees come out quicker than you thought and some are a b#@&%*. So in order to make sure you do not lose any money, I would go by the hour at least on the tear out. Then if you want to give her a price on the install, you could make more money with a set price and a mark up on the products-if you are furnishing them.
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    Most likely I will be buying the plants, flowers, and sod for her, then install them. How much per hour is the avg. for this type of job?
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    If it were me, I would charge her $40.00/hour for the tear out and a disposal fee to cover everything that you are hauling off. On the install, I would give her a set price. The reason being that tear-outs are generally harder and take longer because you never know what you are going to run into. You may figure that the fence and the trees will take 3 hours and they might end up taking 6-8, by the hour you are covered in that event.
    Are you sure that you are only doing 40sq.ft. of sod? That's only an area 4'X10'. Mark all supplies and products up about 40% and charge her about $.45 sq.ft. to install sod, a dollar/plant, and $45.00 per tree for your labor.
    $480.00 for 12 hours tear out
    $50.00 disposal fee
    $18.00 sod install(40sq.ft. should only take you about 15-20 minutes)
    $250.00 for 250 plants
    $90.00 for two trees
    $888.00 total labor

    $140.00 trees ( never said how big ) 2 @ $50.00 each plus 40% MU.
    $3.20 sod @ .20sq.ft. plus MU.
    $112.00 flowers @ $16.00/flat. Need 5 flats
    $255.20 total products
    $1143.20 total not including any other supplies you need
    add sales tax

    This is just an example, your costs will vary so adjust as necessary.
    The sod install is so cheap, because you will make your money on the tear out when you get the ground ready.

    Hope this gives you some sort of idea!
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    I really appreciate your input, it gave me a way of figuring it out and setting up a base price have a good memorial weekend kd.

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