Quotes are getting crazy here in Lower Michigan

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by finallyfree, Apr 23, 2005.

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    I just quoted a job for a couple that wanted everything in a master plan design and break it off into 2 phases, front and back..Here Is what I quoted

    1 weeping Jap. Maple 4/5' 500.00
    5 P.J.M Rhododendron 15/18" 165.00
    3 Dwf Evergreen Azalea 2 gal 68.00
    5 Goldmound Spirea 2 gal 83.00
    15 Pardon me Daylily 1 gal 113.00
    1 Nest Spruce 3 gal 26.00
    2 Flowering Crabapple 459.00
    1 Weeping White Pine 6/7' 210.00
    1 Viburnum Carlessi 3/4' 45.00
    3 Hosta 2 gal 41.00
    6 Perennials 1 gal 45.00
    75 32 cell flats Myrtle 2587.00
    4 Blue Spruce 7/8' 834.00
    10 Large Grasses 330.00
    5 Medium Grasses 165.00
    5 Dwarf Grasses 68.00
    3 Fowering trees (crabs) 638.00
    1 lilac 293.00 (expensive even wholesale)
    12 mix Perenials 72.00
    3 Maples 4 - 4.5 cal 1350.00
    150 yd top soil spread 4500
    Hydroseed 19,800 sq ft 2970.00
    3 small boulder retaning wall 3500.00
    irrigation 4000.00
    176 ln ft edging 352.00
    87 yd of Premium mulch 3045.00
    650 ft of chainlink fence 48" 6100.00
    Expossed Aggegate walk/10' deck 6550.00
    labor 4000.00

    For a total of $ 41,455.00 including tax, they showed me a estimate from a company known to give ridiculos prices at $ 26,325.00 I cant see how in the he.. they can do it at that price... They are checking some of my work at other homes including Parade of homes but that is a hard sell to explain in price difference or did I mess up some where that I have check and check and cant find.....
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    just sell the fact that your stuff is done right. the first thing to notice, or i did, is the irrigation system, done right, done wrong, you'll know the difference, let them know, dont be 'skerred.' then go to fences and retaining walls, blah blah, and then say your guys, or you, are the best and thats why labor is what it is, and maybe throw in there that the nursery is amazing and only the best will do, come on, be a salesman!
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    I feel your "shock" to low price wannabe landscapers. I have had many similar jobs where the other bid was half of my price. but yes, check your irrig, then fence, and hydroseed, etc, Plants seem to be right on. I dont get it??? some guys just want the work to "go to work" i guess. Sell yourself and dont back down on your number. F*** the lowballer, let him lose his ass.

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